Monday, June 30, 2008

The sweetest blog

Do you wish you had upwards of 2 gallons of honey sitting on your kitchen counter?

And that when you picked it up in a giant plastic pickle bucket from your honey guy, he was up on a roof in his bee suit surrounded by bees?

I know you especially wish you ate most of the copious amounts of honey you got covered in while decrystalizing and jarring it.

No, these questions are not hypothetical. No, I do not plan on swimming in honey. No, my jam will never want for sweetening. Yes, I appear to have a bright future selling local honey from rescued bees.

4 days til another undeserved vacation!
3 days off in a row.
3 kinds of jam to make. (More backyard loquat, farmers' market bargain peach, and Sue's backyard apricot.)
2 blog posts a day. That's right loyal readers, I plan to treat you right for once. My mom came to town this week and provided me with a big pile o blogfiller, which I promise is way more entertaining than Tarzan jokes.


  1. hey when do you get into town? let's play!

  2. I get in late Friday, ick. But I have no plans Sunday or Monday except for singing, so please feel free to entertain me :)

  3. what about boston???? <3<3b