Tuesday, July 15, 2008

dog day afternoon

Plans to update dashed by the fact that my idea of how to spend my day off is about the same as the dogs'.

This is about 5 seconds after I let them out, by the way.

Relatedly, I learned last week that I'm one of those people that talks about their dogs ALL THE TIME. And they're not even my dogs. I'm ok with this - I'm the fun aunt who babysits and shows off pictures, but doesn't have to clean up the florescent green puke.


  1. mmmm, florescent green puke.

  2. As an only child, of course you can never literally be the fun aunt. Instead please let me be the fun grandma who shows off photos AND cleans up the green puke (while I'm visiting, at least). Are you working on making this happen yet?

  3. Wow, dashing my hope for radioactive nieces and nephews AND laying on the grandma guilt in one comment. Nicely done.

    Now, where's that baby sister I always wanted?