Thursday, July 03, 2008

How many flags did YOU steam clean today?

Happy 4th. Thus concludes the week of high frequency blogging. I hope it compensates slightly for the recent blogslacking and upcoming vacation!

And what have I been doing between blogs?

Picked ALL the loquats.

Dehydrated loquats.

Jammed loquats.

Also got to sit under one of the fancy dryers at the hair salon for the first time, changed a marquee sign for the first time, bought too many vintage dresses, ate too many black eyed peas and too much ice cream, and didn't talk to R and KT enough. Now, packing! Flying! Singing! Friends, family!

Omie offers her usual moral support.


  1. I think I'm supposed to comment on this.

  2. And a fine comment it was.

  3. I am still puzzled by the mystery of the loquat. Are they, like, good?