Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"It IS a journey when you carry a nightgown!"

Still no actual update, too distracted by more online enabled reading.

Book Mooch Thanks to A's new keeper of a boyfriend! Now all those books I compulsively rescue from the recycling at work can make someone's day AND get me books I actually want. Love.

Daily Lit Thanks Inder, for yet another way to maximize my reading. Now my compulsive checking of my google reader will uncover daily helpings of classic lit. Democracy in America (Perhaps the most quotable work in American history, but who wants to read the whole thing? A page a day of De Toucqueville is PLEnty. He may have fit two whole sentences into the first installment. Which means there's about 408 to go.) and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (I'm finally over the childhood teasing enough to pick this one up. It's delightful so far. I'll check in again in 88 days.)

Since my phone died I've been leaving my computer on nights as an alarm, and I figured I'd put it to good use downloading. Looking for torrents to add to the queue I found I can easily (cough, totally legally, cough) download both the print version and UNABRIDGED AUDIO of the Economist every week! You know how I like my audiobooks with an accent. Here's to hearing Brits read snotty letters to the editor and snide comments about America and popular trends.


  1. Your post reminded me that I've had "Rebecca" sitting on a shelf for way too long! It is delightful but it made me wonder: If I traveled for two weeks but did not carry a nightgown, was it a journey or not? I have another definition I've stuck by for years: It is a hike if you wear a hat. Thanks!!!

  2. I like that definition... that means I was on a hike just last week.

    PS - If anyone was wondering about the title, I ended up quoting that anecdote in its entirety over here...

  3. I was in Czech Switzerland two weeks ago - we hit the most touristy spot, but it was great anyway - and I had to buy a hat because I left mine at home and I couldn't bear the idea of hiking without one. Adventures on the way back to Poland included a derailed train - see youtube if you're interested... Videos of amazing sandstone formations and gorgeous blueberries should be coming up soon.