Monday, July 14, 2008

Madder than HOW many dollars?

Phew, a moment to breathe! Since I hit the ground in Oakland at noon on Saturday PST, it's been back to back. Birthday party, work, family bbbq, 8 am job interview, work, singing. Tomorrow is finally my day of rest, so I shall attempt to update for real.


I think that I and my already-temperamental phone charger parted ways in Cambridge. Thus prioritizing my plans to get a new phone and local number. Meanwhile just leave me a voicemail, I'm checking. Or better yet, email.

Amongst the many exciting birthdays today... Mr Woodrow Wilson Guthrie!
Check out this footage. One of two surviving videos.

I'll leave you with a passage from the beginning of his most excellent autobiography Bound For Glory. Turns of phrase to rival KT's recent post. (No clowns, just hobos.)

I sat down with my back against the wall looking all through the troubled, tangled, messed-up men. Traveling the hard way. Dressed the hard way. Hitting the long lonesome go. Rougher than a cob. Wilder than a woodchuck. Hotter than a depot stove. Madder than nine hundred dollars. Arguing worse than a tree full of crows. Messed up. Mixed up. A crazy boxcar on a wild track. Headed sixty miles an hour in a big cloud of poison dust due straight to nowhere.


  1. Thanks for the Woody Guthrie clip. I love the way he taps his feet!

  2. I played the clip with TG on my lap and she grabbed my arm and made me beat time and sang along "fa fa", then made me play it again so she could dance!

  3. How excellent, TG and Woody having a birthday singing together!

  4. By the way, the other surviving WG clip is pretty great too. Here he is singing John Henry.

  5. I totally read one line as "Arguing worse than a tree full of cows" the first time. Which is a pretty awesome image too, I have to say.