Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yikes, been a while. We're back this week from a long and luxurious vacation, where we did such things as lounge on American flag blankets at farmer's markets outside of Seattle. Well, mostly just that once. But I had to include the picture because it's possibly the least unflattering shot R's mom has ever taken of us, and especially noteworthy in that it doesn't have our names photoshopped in fancy fonts across the front of our shirts, and/or one of our heads cropped out and replaced with a picture of us from a different occasion because she thought the lighting was better on that one.

But I digress. We began our odyssey in Oregon, where we flew into Portland late Friday night, attempted to pick up our small rental car, discovered that we had accidentally booked the rental starting a day AFTER we were actually supposed to arrive, grudgingly accepted the elephant-sized minivan they foisted onto us because they didn't have anything smaller left, briefly considered spending the night in the van in order to save on lodging, decided this would be a terrible idea on a number of levels, and drove the 2 hours to our hostel in Eugene. The next morning we got up early to go to the hot springs, where R managed to take this nifty shot of two of the tiered pools (there are actually four pools altogether, but the other two were filled with naked hippies whom we decided not to capture for posterity):

(I'm not sure what I'm looking at. Possibly a naked hippie.)

That evening we went to the wedding of one of R's AmeriCorps friends, and the next morning we drove back to Portland and went hiking along the Columbia River Gorge.

The Portland weekly sing was that afternoon, so we fit in some quality red book singing with Jessica and co., then drove out to a suburb to see the excellent Three Leg Torso, who were playing a free outdoor show that night.

After the show we drove up to Seattle and spent the night at Charlie & Melissa's, which brings me to the part you've clearly all been waiting for: NEPHS!!!!!
(Please admire Gabe's early mastery of the double-fisting technique, even more impressive when you consider the fact that he seems to have stolen not only Ethan's milk, but all of his remaining snack as well.)

Lots of family in Seattle, along with breakfast with one of my former interns and a visit to Gas Works Park, a neat gasification-plant-turned-public-park (file this one under Posing With Rusty Junk):

Finally, I bade farewell to Seattle and took an overnight flight to upstate New York, where I joined hundreds of other lady martial arts practitioners for the annual Special Training weekend put on by the National Women's Martial Arts Federation. It was pretty fantastic. There was also a soft-serve machine in the cafeteria where we ate all our meals - I would be lying if I said it wasn't one of the highlights of the weekend. But all the amazing kickass women teaching and training were pretty excellent, too.

At long last, I made my way back to Texas... ever so sloooowly, as both my flights were delayed 4-5 hours each. No offense to Buffalo, but if I had to spend six and a half hours in any airport in the contiguous United States, I think it would be one with more than two restaurants and one gift shop. Just saying. I had high hopes for my 10pm-1am layover at JFK, but alas, my flight was scheduled to take off from one of those little annex parts that you have to take a special bus to, and I found myself downgraded to one restaurant and one candy shop that sold the world's worst paperback bestsellers. (Seriously, I would have settled for The Bourne Identity, or even a NICHOLAS SPARKS novel, for chrissakes (um, have I said too much?). But the ten books they had weren't even up to that standard. And I use the term "standard" very, very, very loosely. Like, really loosely.)

I finally landed at 5am, caught two buses back home, walked through my front door at 6:25, and decided never to do anything ever again for the rest of my life. Then I took a nap and felt better.

Apologies for the rambliness. I'll sign off with one final picture of - who else - the NEPHS!!!


  1. Wow you totally scooped the vacation news. I don't actually have the photographic evidence of my own vacation, but it did feature more singing AND more cute children. You'll just have to take my word for it.

    Also, I read about 5 Nicholas Sparks books back to back. They were the only English books in my apartment in Italy. If only I could get those brain cells back.

    Also, I figured I'd take one for the team, since neither Mrs. Lee nor her son have bothered to share their photoshop skills this time. I give you... The Lees.

  2. That's amazing. And terrifying.

    I hope you realize that you've just unwittingly challenged Richard to a Photoshop-off.

  3. Rebecca, that is the most horrible thing I've ever seen. It hurts my eyes and makes me love you.
    By the by, I'll be in San Francisco from August 14 - 18. I wanna sing.

  4. San Francisco??? Give kisses to gb and bbs for me!

  5. Isn't the Richard on Katie body creepily convincing? And I wasn't trying very hard...

    R: 12 noon. In front of the court house. I'll be wearing the white hat. Bring it.

    C: Yay! We sing on Monday nights in Berkeley, I'm not smrt enough to know if that includes the 14-18. If not, come on over! We'll rustle up some singin for you.