Monday, August 18, 2008

Bad, bad KUT

So I was driving around in the middle of the day today, which never happens, and I'm listening to KUT, which I only ever listen to in the car, and all of a sudden the dj says he's giving away a pair of tickets to the Patty Griffin show at the Austin City Limits studio this Friday to the seventh caller IF they can tell him what state Patty is from. Okay, so a) I like Patty, b) I'm free Friday night, and c) I KNOW THIS ONE! Maine, Mr. KUT dj sir, it's MAINE!!!!! My fingers are poised over my phone, ready to punch in the number as soon as he says it. He reminds us that he'll be giving the tickets to the seventh caller. He repeats the question we have to answer in order to win them. Then he CUES UP THE MUSIC. Yes, that's right, he DOESN'T TELL US WHAT NUMBER TO CALL. Am I competing against dozens of people who already have the KUT studio line programmed into their phones????? Seriously, WHERE DID YOU GO TO DJ SCHOOL??????

Oh KUT, you are so on my enemies list. It may not be a list as long or illustrious as Dan's, but I think he'd still approve.

EDITED TO ADD: Speaking of enemies lists, Jenna, this one's for you.


  1. Let me guess...John Ailey?

  2. Shockingly, it wasn't. Although I might give him a whole separate position on my enemies list.

    Do you wish we only communicated via comments? Especially when I'm in the kitchen and you're in the living room and you ask me how to spell words in the comment you're just about to post? (It's Aielli, by the way.)