Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy 99th!

Today is none other than the 99th birthday of my grandfather, Labon Backer. I visited him extremely briefly in March and then 3 days straight in July. We had a good time catching up on my life and family history. We had a long discussion about Yiddish and the evolution of some family names. Turns out he was born "Label" and was turned into Laban at school registration by someone who more familiar with their Bible than Yiddish. And subsequently Labon by someone with a typewriter but, err, less familiarity with their Bible. He asked me to bring him a hamburger every day for lunch. He's a big fan of the Red Sox and the Jewish people.

March 2008

These pictures were kept with this letter he wrote to his sister Jean in the spring of 1945. You can zoom in to read it. My favorite part:
This past weekend we spent at an Australian native camp about 70 miles inland. Four of us drove up in a command car and it took four wheel drive to get us thru some of the creeks we forded. Had great fun, seeing a spot where the Japs were encamped for a while. Found a dump of Jap horseshoes - they weren't very lucky for the Japs. The natives went out with dynamite and got a "mess" of fish. They fish that way here - not very sporting, but really gets the fish.

ETA: I've put up these photos and a few more over at Fotki. It's been long enough since I updated there...

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