Friday, August 08, 2008

In the bright season of my youth

So I spent the entire afternoon making gallons of applesauce while watching popular streaming video. Retrochic AND cutting edge internet media? Now if only I could get better gas mileage by knitting a facebook account for Barack Obama, I might be able to totally corner the zeitgeist.

Meanwhile, the dogs do what they do best.

And a final note... I've found 3 white hairs just this week. Clearly I'm meant to beat both my parents to the dignified gray look.


  1. I'm kind of fond of my white hairs and refuse to pull them. I think Richard keeps hoping that my hair will look exactly like my mom's when I go more grey... I don't have the heart to disappoint him...

  2. you know that I totally watched that same thing with my laptop on the kitchen counter while cooking also?! (not applesauce obviously as it's too early for that here, bagels perhaps...) We are so happening (or something).

  3. K - Given my mom's curlier with age hair, I think my hair might actually turn out to look more like your mom's. Except with the zero effort I'm sure to give to cutting/styling it, I'm not sure I will rock it quite so well. Aww, I'm having a vision of the blogheader when we're old and grey. It's pretty cute.

    R - Or something! Totally.