Friday, August 15, 2008

Late Summer in (Mostly) Snapshots

I had to say goodbye to our belovedest little intern Shane, who'd been working with us for a year, so he could move to New York City and show them all just what Abilene boys with snakeskin wallets are made of.
BONUS: You may recognize that banner behind us from such episodes of the Daily Show as that one in 2004 that featured our former Executive Director. (Here it is in case you're interested... I've seen it at least six times and it still cracks me up.)

Then we went down to San Antonio for its newly resurrected Sacred Harp convention. Here are Alexa and Richard in our hotel room. Disturbingly, they're NOT posing just for the camera.

My lunch, captured for posterity the Sunday of the San Antonio convention. Yes, my friends, barbecued chicken and Sun Chips. If they wanted to serve PLANTS at their potluck lunch, by god, they would've invited a bunch of horses to come sing with them. Actually it was a surprisingly satisfying monochromatic meal. I'm not including the copious amounts of oatmeal-raisin cookies I finished it up with, but you get the idea.

It's been a singing-full month... I don't have any shots of the East Texas convention, which was last weekend, but Alexa got her photo in the front-page (of Section C) coverage in the Tyler newspaper. That convention gets a big article every year because, well, it's East Texas and what else are they going to cover? (No offense, East Texas. In your defense, your news is at least as bad as what gets covered in WMass.)

Our local convention is coming up the last weekend in August... sadly, Rebecca won't be gracing us with her presence this year so we can get pictures taken of us in our pretty Sunday dresses. But we'll try to have an okay singing without her.

In conclusion, do you wish this was the man who was going to be presiding over YOUR wedding?


  1. I love it when my Sacred Harp google alerts bring me here! Plus the Daily Show clip as a bonus.

    Incidentally, we're wondering, just how wrong is it when you're watching the regular news and your 2 year old wants to know "where Jon Stoowet and Even Colbear?"

  2. well sun chips are like, multigrain, right?
    oh i miss your face! i have good stories to share with you, reaching back to our earliest days of friendship-slash-reading each others' checks on the coffee table. xoxoxo

  3. I totally want sunchips now. And the spread you promised me in Albuquerque.

    R - I think we're all jealous that TG already appreciates the important things in life... singing and fake news. Oh that our own parents had raised us so well.