Saturday, August 16, 2008

Negative space

Sadly my life of late is best defined by what I have not been, am not, and will not be doing.

- The big one is that I WILL NOT BE starting a new full time job next week. I was actually offered a great position at an elementary school, supporting the English language learning program. Finally, back to a steady job in a supportive school and the perfect stepping stone to committing to a real ESL teaching cert. Then, bam...the lovely Oakland Unified bureaucracy and the general state of the economy joined forces to completely screw me over. I'm not particularly bitter, because I would expect nothing less from that coalition of evil, but I'm pretty exasperated at the last minute notice after interviewing over a month ago and accepting the job over a week ago. I'm doing pretty well at not having a WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE MY 26TH BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP AND EVERYONE ELSE IS GETTING MARRIED AND HAVING BABIES AND ON THEIR WAY TO HIGH POWERED WORLD-CHANGING JOBS NOT THAT I AM IN A HURRY TO DO ALL OF THOSE THINGS BUT NOT WORKING RETAIL WOULD BE A NICE STEP life crisis type meltdown. In getting back on the horse news, I just submitted applications for a similar position at two other schools. There's another promising application on the docket for tomorrow, but it's different and requires a whole new resume / cover letter. Sigh.

- I WILL NOT BE celebrating Gabe's 6th birthday at the roller rink in Santa Cruz tomorrow. Instead I will be... you guessed it... busy with BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS. In silver lining news, I'm happy to, you know, HAVE a job. Especially one that I don't hate. The boss at the middle school after school program that shall not be named wants me back, and I tried to talk myself into the high pay and more hours she promised, but I quickly recovered my sanity and ran screaming deleted her messages. Also, lifting lots of boxes of books make Rebecca smash strong.

- I NEVER hang out with any of Katie's friends or relations when they're in town. Shane the Beloved Intern and I never connected, I STILL HAVEN'T gotten together with Dan thanks to his aversion to Jewish holidays and my general distraction, and I WILL NOT BE singing with Carly! She's leaving town just before our weekly singing and the above mentioned silver lining is keeping me busy until then. Plus she's pretty overstimulated by her amazing actual reason for being in town! In confusingly enjoyable news, I did spend Wednesday evening sight reading much of the Norumbega Harmony. The Spanish food and cute bilingual children as warm-up wasn't bad either.

- I HAVEN'T watched, um, ANY of the Olympics. In "I may have slightly exaggerated" news, I picked fruit at Sue's last night and ended up joining her and family for pizza and half an hour of uneventful beach volleyball, "inspirational moments", and McDonald's commercials. But conveniently they fit some swimming in there, so that my sliver of Olympic viewing culminated in Michael Phelps' photo finish 7th gold medal! (What ever did they do before automatic sensors and instant replay anyway????)

- I HAVEN'T BEEN blogging nearly enough. My apologies, friends and stalkers!! In rather obvious news, I'm here with you now. Ooh, I also updated some recipes - vegan treats fit for Natalia's birthday.

- I AM NOWHERE NEAR on my way to finishing my outstanding chef homework in time for the year anniversary of my "graduation." Yikes! In non-motivating excuse news, the fact that I've had two professional cooking jobs since then proves the point that no one actually cares if you graduate from culinary school, they just care if you can cook.

- Despite the best of plans, I AM INCAPABLE OF making peach jam. I keep buying discounted bruised fruit and invariably it rots while I get distracted by free treefuls of plums, apples, and pears. In "when life hands you plums, apples, and pears" news, I have made gallons of applesauce, pearsauce, apple butter, and apple-plum butter.

- I HAVEN'T SEEN Katie or Richard in an unhealthy amount of time! But, in perhaps the most news-worthy news, I AM the proud owner of two tickets to see them! A whole week in Austin for the Wedding and Election Extravaganza PLUS a very special Girls' Getaway™! KT and I will be attending the Rocky Mountain convention... you remember, the one in the balloon museum. Without Richard's bass (But who will sing the "fa sol?" Who????) we will paint Albuquerque red.

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