Sunday, August 03, 2008

Rebecca's natural habitat

Sorry to be such a stranger! July just disappeared between my visit east and my dad's visit west. When I haven't been vacationing, I've been working for a livin. Not that I'm really complaining about spending all my time playing records and shelving pretty books. Well, I do complain about the heavy lifting. Heavy lifting, not my friend. And the public. You know how the public can be. Where was I? Oh yes, I thought this would be a good time to put up a file photo from the store.

Remember when I finally realized my fondest childhood dream? Well, before I could even plot to get my new store to introduce staff picks, they up and gave Rebecca's Picks a whole week in the sun! The biggest problem was finding things that hadn't already come home with me.

Here you can see the store better (note movie projected on back wall.) This is an old incarnation, we've crowded in all kind of new things since, most notably a phonebooth-turned-dressing-room.

Behind the scenes commentary... I was pretty obsessed with that Bonnie Raitt album, and I asked around looking to borrow the CD. My mom promptly proved herself an expert level white person by burning me a copy from vinyl. Now I can relive my staff rec glory days at my leisure.

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