Friday, September 05, 2008


I finally noticed an earthquake tonight!!! Other reactions were less enthusiastic. Steve and Inder are kind of over the novelty and were more practically bracing for impact. I was on the phone with my dad at the time, and I think he wishes he could order me back to solid Midwestern ground.

Back to the really burning news around here... it's harvest time, and what have I been eating?

Well, the heat wave this week has really tipped the garden scales. The tiny little pruned Peach Tree That Could out back managed to put out a dozen or so giant fuzzy peaches! Mmm, localest peachest ever.

Master tomato thieves, who, us?

The fact remains that since the plants have gone behind bars our yield is way up. The heirlooms are ginormous, the green zebras are delicious, and the romas made for a tasty pizza sauce last night. Someday I'll get some in a jar.

Um, this guy is a little beyond good eatin. But, pretty!

In the continuing adventures of my new bundt pan, I finally made my favorite zucchini lemon bread with backyard zucchini and lemons! Pictures and recipe over here.

I picked most of Sue's delectable Bartlett pears. What didn't get eaten out of hand or snacked on at the weekly singing turned into 17 pints and 5 half-pints of pearsauce. Sooo sweet! Says 8 year old Frankie upon sampling: "Rebecca makes really good appleasuce." Plus a load of divine pear butter. I haven't been so happy with a lot of the other jam I'm made this year, but I'd have to try pretty hard to screw up these pears.

And there's all kinds of fresh shelling beans in season for once!! They might be my most missed Ecuadorian food. There's no substitute. Lately I've had cannellini, romano, and cranberry, but I'm most excited about the fresh black eyed peas! They're cute and green! I cooked them up diner style a la my braised lima bean recipe which I recommend as part of a complete power breakfast. (My version comes with a fried egg and english muffin with fresh pear butter.)

Hungry yet? Before you run off to the farmer's market, here's my favorite summer supper.

Tender, flavorful haricot vert / french filet beans topped with a squeeze of backyard lemon and a generous sprinkling of barbeque potato chips. Seriously, this is amazing. The juxtaposition of flavor and texture... it's kind of like green bean casserole redux. I could eat it every night! And she did.

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