Thursday, September 04, 2008

Plus ça change...

Creepy proof that pretty much nothing about me or my life has changed in the past four years:

Katie after the Pioneer Valley All-Day Sing, circa 2004:

Katie before the Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Convention, circa 2008:

Rebecca and her Star Trek novel are so giving me a mental high-five right now.

We had a great convention this weekend, followed by a much-needed Labor Day holiday. I think every weekend that you go to a Sacred Harp convention you should automatically get Mondays off. Who's in charge of these things? Maybe I'll write to Jesus and propose it. ("Dear Mr. Christ, Please consider cancelling work on the following dates: January 28, March 10, March 24, April 17...")

In other news, we actually got a little wedding planning done this week. Please join with me in a moment of silence to commemmorate this shocking turn of events.


Nothing much on the agenda until my GIRLS GETAWAY to Albuquerque with Rebecca at the end of the month. Work has been crazy busy of late, since one of my two co-workers left in June and I inherited half of her projects. Every time it starts to get overwhelming, though, I think about one of the campus organizers I'm supervising this fall: a single mom who's working five days a week while getting her Bachelor's degree and taking care of four kids. And interning for us. Amazing. My life is big, fat, and lazy by comparison.

Finally, a paean to frozen bananas eaten like popsicles: My undying love for banana desserts and the texture of frozen fruit has finally found the perfect vehicle. 'Tis an addiction fit for the angels in heaven above. O Lord, let us give thanks for the mighty banana. And the noble freezer. Amen.


  1. Not apparent from the 2004 picture: everyone had only just returned to their conversations after the performance of "Matt the Convict sings Little Mermaid" (always a crowd favorite) that finished just moments before this shot was taken. Good times!


  2. Does this make Quincy the new Andrew? And, err, Bill the new Bob?

    Little Mermaid? Where was I in 2004????

    Also, amen to the bananas. You should open your own banana stand. I call the banana suit.

  3. Matt the Convict! So good! I forgot about that era.

    Also not apparent from the picture (or maybe it is): I'm pretty sure the conversation I'm involved in was an enthusiastic discussion of various types of hearing aids.

  4. hrm, i can't tell whether i remember that conversation word for word because i was there for it, or if it was just recounted in vivid detail. if i was actually present for it, my absence in the pic would disprove your theory. but i'm suspecting my memory is playing that all-too familiar trick again...