Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ramrod? Seriously?

Richard's been telling some pretty good stories lately. Yesterday in the car on the way home, he told me this one: "Once there was a man named Paul Bunyan. [Interjection from Katie: "Paul Bunyan? What do you know about Paul Bunyan? I bet you can't even tell me what his giant ox was named."] He had a giant ox named... Ramrod. Paul Bunyan travelled all across the land, sowing appleseeds everywhere he went, which Ramrod would pound into the ground with his mighty hooves. And that, my child, is how the tiger got his stripes." Yep, that's pretty much verbatim.

He's also been carrying on his tradition of inexplicable late-night philosophical questions. The latest: "Katie, which is more miraculous, the US Olympic hockey team's 1980 triumph over the Soviet Union, or the fact that I can fit into a pair of size 28 jeans?" You tell me, dear readers.

Speaking of inexplicable, I was in a foul mood this afternoon, so to get myself out of the house I went to the mall - where the nearest LensCrafters is - to look at glasses frames. I ended up happily shopping for an hour or so, and came home with two plastic bags of clothes, feeling vastly more cheerful than when I left. I'VE BECOME EVERYTHING I HATE and/or watched obsessively in 8th grade.

Aside from the aforementioned confusing mall episode, it was a pretty quiet weekend... dojo board meeting, starting to clean the living room and losing the will to go on, making foods that I can eat leftovers of for lunch all week. I've been on a dinner-pie-inventing kick lately, and while they've been surprisingly successful, my zucchini pie last week was so yellow with turmeric that it looked like quiche and so just made me sad that it wasn't, and today's savory sweet potato pie keeps being disappointing because it's not a pumpkin pie. I think Michael Pollan wrote something about how what makes a McDonald's french fry so satisfying is that it exactly fulfills your expectations of what a french fry is and should be. (Ha, don't I sound like I've read any of his books? I haven't.)

Now I'm off to bed, where hopefully no soul-searching questions await me. Oh, and let's not forget - countdown to Rebecca & Katie's New Mexico extravaganza: t-minus 5 days and counting!

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  1. Pies, Katie? Really? You knew you were just setting yourself up for disappointment in that whole genre. Do you need to tie a string around your finger that reminds you how much YOU NEVER LIKE PIES??

    Hmm, I think I'll make some pie tomorrow.

    Also, please reserve a first edition of "Richard's mixed up folktales" for me. Thanks.