Monday, October 20, 2008

Bachelor/Bachelorette Bash!

We're finally back to the land of the living after a 3-day bachelor/bachelorette bash, otherwise known as 7 of us spending the weekend at Quincy's family ranch out near Kerrville. Many good times had by all. I've never had a friend who had an inherited manor built in the 1920's sitting on 11,000 acres of rolling hills before, so this was a new experience for me... very Jane Austen, all that lounging around in the good clean countryside and playing parlor games together. Deer were literally scampering past us as we played petanque out on the lawn.

There's R preparing to throw his petanque ball and me clutching his mimosa in one hand and an Igor Stravinsky mug (best mug ever?) in the other.

I have some photos here but there aren't too many and they aren't particularly interesting (please note mounted deer heads, and then imagine 70 more of them, and you might start to come close to the actual number the house contained). For lack of any better ones, I'll leave you with Quincy's footage of me, R, Alexa, and Jessica taking an "Ortonville" break as we made dinner on Saturday night (mmm, deep fried catfish...):

Only 12 more days of bachelordom and bachelorettedom to go!


  1. what's with bill and anachronisitc games? dominoes, petanque... does he also like pinochle?

  2. Happy bachelor and bachelorette days! Thank god for people with the proximity/initiative/family estates to provide you with appropriate celebration. Because you know I'm no good for it. (I mean, oh no, damn those Austin friends of yours, because I was planning you an elaborate surprise party, and now they've stolen all my thunder. yeeees....)

  3. In his defense, petanque was Jeff & Jessica's initiative. In Part I of the "Ortonville" series, though, you can see footage of Bill & Jeff playing cribbage... does that count?

  4. Oh, and please note the Igor Stravinsky mug, also featured prominently in the video!

  5. I am the saddest and happiest girl in the world.
    Something about hearing and seeing my friends sing while I'm not there is heartwrenching and fabulous.
    Katie, I'm SAD!!