Monday, October 06, 2008

Best officiant ever?

This afternoon I sent an email to Bill, our wedding officiant, suggesting that he and Richard and I get together sometime soon to plan what exactly our wedding ceremony will consist of. Shortly thereafter, he replied:

How about an heroic task? Katie assigns it, Rich completes it, I judge it to be adequate. Voila, ceremony done.

I KNEW we picked the right guy to preside over our wedding.


  1. Heroic act, eh? This sounds kind of like my idea to turn the debates into a reality show. See which candidate can negotiate nuclear disarmament in Iran the fastest. Maybe Richard can tackle Pakistan? Is that heroic enough for you? Do we all have to wear togas?

  2. How is it going with your wedding preparations? I wish I had your email so we could compare notes! Our main accomplishment is choosing a date and a backup date in case my visa doesn't come through in time. We completed most of the formalities required by the Catholic church and I signed us up for a day-long premarital class (one Saturday seems very little; in Poland it's spread over 6 weeks, twice a week). Tim is excellent about all this, as always. We chose the obvious place for the singing-and-potluck reception but haven't yet asked if it's available. Most recently, I chose a dress pattern, which was slightly nerve-wracking, and bought fabric. I hope you guys stay relaxed, and everything goes smoothly!