Friday, October 03, 2008

Did she just say "joe six-pack??!!"

Not to get too political, but that was the first of many surreal moments of the debate tonight. It really puts into perspective that terrible government prof whose plebian of choice was "joe grab a sandwich." He spent most of his (and i use the term loosely) lectures working in references about Mr Sandwich while ranting about "young people today" and their inability to crack a non-internet source. Personally, I occupied that time trying to figure out how he could possibly be paid to teach one of the most incoherent classes I've ever sat through. But at least the closest he came to public office was talking about it in his ivory tower.

Seriously, I was expecting both candidates to start arm wrestling over who comes from a humbler blue collar background. Between that, the military sons, the waffling gay marriage talk, the anti-terrorist rhetoric, the promises of "change" from both sides? Do we need to call up google: "ralph nader running mate" Matt Gonzalez and google: "ron paul running mate" Wayne Allyn Root for a real debate here?


  1. Ugh, I hesitate to harp on Prof Murphy for longer than, well, ever. But all I can think of, relevant to this post, is my IM away message that so entertained KT at the time. What was it... "Oh James Madison, how much you never saw the two-party system coming." Thanks to the incredibly insightful paper I was writing on Federalist 10, I believe? (The Fed Papers being literally one of two things we studied in the class. The other being the Civil Rights Act. A totally balanced intro to our nation's political system.)

    Ugh, the terrible memories are just flowing now. You know when people ask "Where were you on 9/11? Well I was sitting in that Tuesday morning section of Gov 101. The phone starting ringing incessantly and Murphy wouldn't answer. Just kept yelling at the interruption. It's not like anyone was trying to communicate, you know, a national emergency / watershed moment in american politics.

  2. Also, I recall our friend Dave (who triple majored in Gov, AfAm, and History and was a speechwriter for Barbara Boxer last I checked) described taking a class with Murphy as "just like spending a semester in line at the DMV."

    /excessive reminiscing about the worst. professor. ever. did i mention how he had the audacity to give me a C for "lack of participation?"

  3. Oh god. Please continue to reminisce about my favorite college memories (including selected quotes).

  4. my sweet new southern baptist friend confessed to watching most of the debate wondering what someone's well-developed abs had to do with "main street."

    (sorry, i know this is out of date, but what google reader accomplishes in convenience it lacks in ease-of-commenting.)

  5. Okay, sorry if I'm treading on non-friend lines here with KT (hi Katie:), but I very much like your professor, I think. He doesn't answer the phone? He considers eating a sandwich the most prominent mark of a non-prominent person? He prefers to study only two things, and blows them entirely out of proportion? He sounds a lot like me. Oh my. But yes, I would probably take his class. :sheepish smile: