Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The marriage of the Lamb has come / The marriage in the skies

The answer to the cliffhanger questions are, respectively: Probably, apple pie/lemon zucchini bread/chocolate almond midnight, not today, and yes thank god.

Veggie lunch with Katie at Mothers where we reviewed chick lit and the general public's befuddlement at her refusal to fulfill wedding stereotypes such as centerpieces and cold feet.

A stop at Katie's work where she got out time sensitive material and I made some spare keys and chatted with my dad about the competing wedding he's attending this weekend.

An airport run to pick up ex-PVPAer and current fellow bay area resident Greg the photographer. Like all of Katie's friends I've ever known, he's delightful. And a ridiculously good sport... we immediately dragged him to the mall for slip and sweater shopping. Where we mocked the christmas decorations and convinced ourselves we're doing our part to stimulate the economy. Rather than drag our dresses along, we definitely each bought two things and plan to return one, so there is another mall trip in our future. Rejoice.

Then off to a particularly fabulous Austin singing! Besides the unfortunate double blow of Whitestown AND War Department, it was a great turnout and I got to sing i-ron twice.

After some fried eggs (fresh from Katie's sensei's chicken) we rounded out the night with a trip to Ginny's, the local bar. If it doesn't hold the world title of best country dive bar, I'm not sure what does. I sampled my first Shiner and dug Bill's friend's band. Stand up bass, steel guitar, etc. Bill even sat in for a couple songs and serenaded the happy couple while they took the obligatory dance. This is probably the closest we're going to get to a dress rehearsal for the wedding.

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  1. I heard the doors slide open just as we were keying up for WHITESTOWN, and when Leon began the song I thought--wouldn't it be funny if that were the wedding party ... [rim shot]. WAR DEPT. was merely icing on the cake (but not the wedding cake).