Thursday, October 02, 2008

Oh yeah, L'shana tova everyone

On a related note, the tradeoffs of shopping at my local Lucky supermarket instead of the fancypants natural foods stores...

Plus: One stop shopping for your beer, your buttermilk, and your Rosh Hashanah card.
Plus? Minus? Your call: Listening to the guy behind you joke in Spanish that the two cases of Bud were his breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Definitely minus: Having the particularly uptight checker call you "young lady" about 10 times while trying to foist 5, count em, 5 plastic bags on you for your 3 items. (She wouldn't give me 0, thanks to liquor laws, but I talked her down to 1. Though I think she threw the rest of them away.) See, it's not all hippies and roses in California.

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