Monday, October 13, 2008


My boss closed the office today (we don't love Christopher Columbus, but we LOVE days off) except that I have so much work to do that I still have to go in this afternoon and do it. Fie on you, Signore Columbus, for taunting me with your federal holiday! (And for carrying over plagues from Europe and terrorizing the people who were living in the place where your ship landed and all that other stuff that I wouldn't be a good Wesleyan graduate if I didn't remind you of.)

On the brighter side, Bill & Quincy came over last night for dinner and a ceremony-planning session, and they brought with them the most delicious fruit pie I have possibly ever eaten, the leftovers of which I just ate for breakfast. Bill baked it in a heart-shaped pie dish (who owns a heart-shaped pie dish????), which he said we could borrow as long as we returned it to them in time for Valentine's Day. So. Cute.

Okay, that's all I got. Time to enjoy my last 2 hours at home. I want more heart-shaped pie!

UPDATE: Ha, my boss and I just discovered that we're both at home sending work-related emails. Since we're currently the only two staff members at our organization, I think this day off can pretty much officially be pronounced a flop. On the up side, at least I'm still wearing my pajamas...


  1. As a fellow Wesleyan grad I would also be remiss if I did not remind everyone that today's alternative celebration is "Indigenous People's Day."

    Hey, thanks Quito and Berkeley!
    As the 500th anniversary of Columbus' arrival in the New World drew near, representatives from 120 Indian nations as well as human rights activists resolved at a conference in Quito, Ecuador, to transform Columbus Day. The anniversary of this day should be a celebration and recognition of the struggle that Native Americans went through, not just because of Columbus but also because of the entire process of European colonization, Restrepo said.

    A group of people who attended the conference came back to Berkeley, Calif., and formed the Resistance 500 Task Force. In 1991, they convinced the Berkeley City Council to unanimously declare that Oct. 12 would be commemorated annually as "Day of Solidarity with Indigenous People."

  2. I totally feel your pain with the working holidays. I had a working Sunday and Tuesday-Saturday nights last week, and a working Sunday afternoon and evening today. Non-profits ROCK!!!