Friday, October 31, 2008

Unfiltered late night blogging

Err, I wrote this late last night but didn't have any reception at my mom's crazy hill country resort place. And I don't have any time to reread it. Who knows what I wrote. Enjoy!

So much for another play by play. I can't even remember everything we crammed into today. Just picture a montage of the incredibly mundane, random assortment of tasks that go into pulling off a big event. Or perhaps some type of human interest segment on these kids today and their crazy weddings.

Open with footage of me making a manicure apt whilst unloading cases of beer. Maybe accompanied by dramatic voiceover about "honor attendants" caught between pulling best man and bridesmaid duties (cut to "reenactment" of KT and Richard sharing a blissful minute of engagement before devolving into argument over who gets to have me on their side.)

Cut to segments on How to DIY, where you will see such fascinating clips as: me comparing funnel ownership with Richard* as we wait for KT and Greg to buy PVC piping and cement**, steaming dresses in the back room at Whole Earth, the whole gang sprawled in the waiting room of Alexa's massage practice waiting to borrow her rug for the bowing ceremony, my mom and I busily doubling recipes and shopping for pie fixins.

Other segments might include Last Minute Fixes (Richard dying his belt to match his shoes) and How to Entertain Out of Town Guests (Greg buys cowboy boots, R and KT at the obligatory family clan hotel dinner, me at Ginny's for the second night in a row, making sure my mom soaks up some local culture. Where it happens to be their annual Hoe Down. Roll the credits as people two-step in overalls and pigtails and step up to the actual potluck in the bar, complete with corningware.)

And don't worry, there's still plenty on the cutting room floor.

*Because I know you were wondering, I have two canning funnels and one spice funnel, and Richard has a motor oil funnel and a funnel for brewing beer. Sounds about right.
**make sure to pronounce that SEE-ment.

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