Tuesday, November 11, 2008

7 degrees of Katie and Richard's wedding

I know what our readers want. Heck, even I don't want to read the blog unless it's about the wedding. So I've invented a new game. I start out with the big day and work my way back there in 7 steps. It's fun, you try! Bonus if you include pictures.

1) Burn out. Everyone keeps asking me if I cried at the wedding... thank god I was working too hard to get worked up. It turns out I was too busy to even be oversocialized by my trip to Austin, but what I really burned out was every last brain cell capable of productivity. Somehow I squeezed out a week of work and an election without the energy to do more than blink. I hadn't even cooked anything more advanced than microwaving Inder's leftover pasta and beans.

2) Up and at them. (No, "Up and atom". Up and at them. Better.)
But on Sunday I emerged to the land of the living! I got up early for breakfast downtown with Crystal. We braved some of the singularly worst service I've had in a while (the restaurant literally ran out of silverware for a while) but it was all worth it for pancakes and catching up with her and her son. Then I walked over to the Jack London farmers market, where I was hoping to catch the end of the raspberry season after the extreme success of that last batch of jam. My new favorite berry guy remembered me, asked after my jam, and gave me a great deal on a flat of raspberries. Yay! Then it was back home where I got Steve's help on installing a new headlight. Uh, turns out it was pretty much easier than changing a bulb in my room. No chair required. I didn't do this 6 months and one fix-it ticket ago... why?

THEN I tackled the frightening Room Cleanup. It wasn't quite the transformation that K and R pulled, but, well, let's do a quick visualization excercise. Clear your mind. Picture my "clean" room, featuring a giant heap of clothes, stacks of jam jars both full and empty, and towering piles of books. Now pick up your mental leafblower. Go ahead, turn it on. Really go at it, work out some agression. Congratulations, you have experienced the tendency of my room toward entropy. De-leafblowerification? Extremely necessary, especially to make it presentable for first time visitors / notoriously neat mothers.

3) Train kept a rolling, all night long...
(aka the Rock Band song that never. ends.) So much catching up with old friends! Natalia and her mom came over for a lovely evening of food, laundry, and rocking out on fake instruments late into the night. Hadn't seen her mom since... last February?? People that I love, stop moving to Delaware! (Or more of you move there, so I have a reason to visit!) The big N, pobrecita, broke her ankle in her last derby bout and missed out on a trip to Mexico! She can't even "go groceries" on her own any more! So her mom came to town and they eventually deposited themselves on my doorstep heavy laden with dirty clothes. Not that it was necessary (I told her that I spent so many hours camped out at her house growing up that she has accrued a lifetime welcome to any and all homes I might inhabit.) but Cynthia repaid our hospitality with loads of Mexican comfort food!

4) Bounty. Speaking of feasts, it's finally autumn even in California! Inder and I had a harvest-licious meal tonight. Wild rice pilaf, roasted butternut squash with texas-fresh pecans, and roasted brussel sprouts with maple/mustard/balsamic glaze.

5) Happy belated birthday! Speaking of Inder... I forgot to mark the occasion before I went out of town. Just two of the reasons why Inder is just all right with me:
- Our idea of a thrilling evening? Drowning our depression woes in Depression cooking. Inder made a masterpiece Mac n cheese. Then she helped me shell black eyed peas and read to me from a book entitled: "The Old-Time Art of Thrift" while I made veggie stock and strawberry jam.
- We both have stupid eyes! That don't work together so we have bad depth perception and can't see 3-D! (So I eventually got over my childhood bitterness at this deficiency, and instead starting wondered why even people who could see 3-D images were so excited since it's all obscured by the red and blue of the glasses anyway. Turns out? If your eyes work properly you don't see the colors. Oh. OK, I'm bitter again.)

6) Birthday pie! Happy Birthday Inder Mini Apple Pie! Complete with freshly whipped cream, soy candle, and scary bachelor cook card.

7) Wedding Pies! Speaking of which, if you ever show up on your friend's doorstep to "By the way, want to make some wedding dessert?" I highly recommend that you have gone on a pie-making kick the week before. Coming soon to a recipe blog near you.

I stole this Authentic Greg Bartlett Wedding Photo, you can see Jessica cutting into my pie as well as her own beautiful pecan creation in the foreground.

With the leftovers I made a few minis for post wedding celebration, since I knew none of us were going to be in any condition to savor the food the day of.

You'll be happy to know that in a nod to tradition, I made KT and R feed each other mini wedding pie. Alas, I couldn't convince them to freeze one for posterity.


  1. Rich-->

    ABC's The Bachelor (I sold him a pair of sunglasses at the store)-->

    Isaiah Washington (homophobic former star of ABC's Grey's Anatomy)-->

    Nathan Scoggins (cast Washington as a Catholic Priest in his feature-length directorial debut)-->

    Katie (worked for Nathan at CRC)-->

    Martin (katie's father)-->

    Kurt Vonnegut's daughter (hired martin to work on their house)-->

    Kurt Vonnegut (Kurt Vonnegut's daughter's father)-->

    Rodney Dangerfield (starred in 80's classic Back to School in which vonnegut had a cameo)-->

    Bill Murray (worked with Dangerfield in Caddyshack)-->

    Kevin Bacon (in Wild Things with Bill Murray)

  2. Graham--I'd never really figured it out before, but here's the best I could do:
    I'm friends with Tasca Shadix

    who wrote The Book of Stars

    which starred Mary Stuart Masterson

    who was in Digging to China with Kevin Bacon.

    My favorite route is through Polly Holliday, the actress who played "Flo" on Alice--"Kiss my grits" Flo. She used to eat at a restaurant where I worked.

    Next fave is through Mike Judge (King of the Hill and Office Space) who used to eat at Eastside Cafe when I was there.

  3. R - the best part is how you could have done it in 7 if you acknowledged your relationship with Katie.

    But I can never play the real way, I don't know movies, so I'll still steal your route. I also bought sunglasses at your store so that makes me pals with The Bachelor.

  4. Or 6 if I started with martin. Or less if I started with adam. But that would be too easy.