Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Life as we knew it

I'm still trying to take in the watershed events of this last week. After so much buildup to the wedding and the election, how will I go on? What possible meaning could there be to life?

Here's what I DO know how to deal with...

Banners. See above for a cheesy special limited edition victory banner!

Bad news: Prop 8 has PASSED! Woe, woe, woe! I am so deeply shamed on behalf on my state. Going home to Massachusetts and Connecticut is sounding better all the time.

Pretty pictures: Since I will have no more cute gay celebrity weddings to lift my spirits, I'll have to turn back to Katie and Richard for comfort.

A few more of my favorite photos.

The wedding party

The Officiator

A Very Special Mahoney Day


  1. Ha... LOVE the banner :)

    (PS Uh oh, if you don't stop posting pictures soon, no one will care when I actually post the link!!)

  2. I like that picture of me. I think I'm just nervously playing with the button of my jacket, but it looks like I'm pointing towards the earth as part of some bold philosophical statement about life and our meaning here on earth.

  3. I think you're showing me just how much room there is in that potato sack of yours...

  4. Ha, the banner is so ridiculous but I couldn't help myself. There was a whole photoshop tutorial on how to make a poster just like his but I was too lazy.

    And I guess you better get the link up post haste, huh? Just kidding, there's only a bazillion more amazing photos. I didn't even touch the bowing ceremony.

    Dan - you look sharp in all the pictures, potato sack notwithstanding!

  5. Please don't move to an admittedly more gay-friendly state! 52% of Californians suck, true, but 100% of your household loves you!