Monday, November 17, 2008

The revolution in cute pictures

Just a fun slideshow to illustrate the previous post. You may remember my very first paying chef gig was an after-school program I helped design, which we very creatively called Kids For Health. We somehow pulled off a fabulous 4 session pilot program. Each session organized around a theme (Eat the Rainbow, Choosing Healthy Snacks) and complete with integrated nutrition lesson, fitness class (mostly capoeira), cooking class, and family style meal.

We put in a lot of hours, we carted a lot of equipment, the kitchen didn't have a stove, I had to get fingerprinted and poked for 2 TB tests, and I may have griped a few million times, but it was hands down amazing. The kids (2-4th graders) were enthusiastic beyond my wildest dreams, hands straining in the air to answer questions, desperate to do-it-selfs every single job in the kitchen down to washing dishes, gamely trying all kinds of new foods, bringing recipes home and cooking with their parents, composting, downing homemade herbal tea from the school garden. I was blown away by how easy it was to make healthy cool for that age group.

Please note:
- Kids making nori wraps in front of boxes of frosted flakes. A very sad looking woman would come in while we were setting up, pull out disposable bowls of sugar cereal, crates of government milk, and plastic utensils (PLASTIC WRAPPED PACKAGES OF NAPKIN AND ALL 3 UTENSILS just to eat cereal) to distribute to the poor kids in the other after-school programs. Our kids definitely knew they were getting the better deal.
- The fabulous decorations they made to their own aprons.
- Kids intently measuring, washing hands, following recipes, reading labels.
- "Secret Ingredient Chocolate Pudding" (Spoiler, the secret is the avocado.) decorated by the kids with pomegranate seeds and mint from the school garden. And last but not least decorating Mason's face.

Photos are over here at Fotki too.

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  1. aww i love the one of you and the boys and the blender!