Saturday, November 08, 2008

Wedding photos, get yer wedding photos...

At long last, we've managed to cull through Greg's nearly 800 wedding weekend photographs and pick out the highlights for y'all.

Before I go on, let's all please stop and take a moment to love Greg Bartlett, who flew out from San Francisco to donate his time, talents, and joie de vivre, all while charming the pants off of everyone he met and uncomplainingly sleeping on various couches and floors...

And now, without further ado, I present to you:


P.S. You might need to view the photos using Internet Explorer or somesuch mainstream browser. We can't get it to work on Opera. Not sure about Firefox.

P.P.S. Credit to Jenna for the photo above. I'm also stealing another one of her photos because she appears in barely any of the wedding photos on the Shutterfly page and that is just plain wrong. Also, her outfit was fantastic. So here's proof that she really was there. Just look at how much Scott and I love her!


  1. Greg! Jenna!!! Pictures!!! (LOVE the banner.) Can't wait to look at all of them for the 82346th time.

  2. Needs more pictures of Katie.