Monday, December 29, 2008

Rebecita's Non-Vegan Christmas Lunchbox and miscelaneous holiday food tidings

I finally got around to making (err, loosely adapting) that Christmas Limas and Brussel Sprouts recipe from Vegan Lunchbox I've been drooling over for two years. My tinkered-with recipe is on the recipe blog over here. Luckily I had leftovers for my lunch so that I could post a proper tribute! Limas and brussels topped with Texas pecans and some local blue cheese. Cornbread muffins with sage and molasses (my muffin to be thankful for minus the filling) and baked sweet potatoes were my contribution to Christmas Eve. A hardboiled egg and pippin apple round out the lunch.

You can check out a few more holiday pictures at fotki, most of which seem to feature food, which is clearly not a misrepresentation of how I spent the holidays. Featuring Steve's Birthday Latkes.

Most produce courtesy of the Jack London Square farmers market, by the way. This market doesn't have quite the stunning selection as the ones in Berkeley, but the remarkably higher ratio of fabulously old school purveyors who chat you up and swap recipes : crowds of hipster/hippies? Priceless. In addition to my previously mentioned Berry Guy, JLS also features my Apple Guy and my Brussel Sprout Guy at adjacent stands. Brussel Guy notes that with the cold snap the sprouts seem even more tender, identifies with my preference for long-cooked sprouts (none of this al dente business, he says), and makes sure to give me a few extra handfuls so I can try some new recipes. Apple Guy picks out his favorite applesauce blend from his 15 or so varieties, including the latke-condiment-appropriate King David, and gives me the rundown on his sauce method. (AG: How do you make your applesauce? With a food mill? You like that baby food consistancy? Me: Um, yes?) Then he picks out his favorite eating apples, including the one-week-only Christmas Grannies (he eats them for lunch off the ground with a fine cheese and corn chips) and the knock-out Hidden Rose with a pink flesh. God bless the farmers.

Otherwise, I lit the candles 7/8 nights. Natalia dragged me to a hipster dinner party to revive our tradition of spending Nochebuena together. There was plenty of rum and hip hop, no family, no carols, and no tamales. I've decided I need my holidays to be slightly more wholesome. Or, you know, nonexistent... I then proceeded to sleep from 5 am to 5 pm on Christmas, with a brief interlude around 11 in which Inder woke me up to get some last minute jam and attend to urgent present opening.

And, it's a wrap.


  1. YAY 2009 (effing finally)!

    I just wanted to take an opportunity to reaffirm this sentiment.

    I recommend The Wrestler as a good turn of the year film.

    -The Big "Walking" N

  2. p.s. it was not hipSTER. it was hipPIE.

  3. Yeah, to be fair, it was definitely that unique california blend of hipsters and hippies.