Sunday, December 21, 2008

The playing of the merry organ / sweet singing in the choir

Just ducking in to wish everyone a happy Chanukah, if tonight's your night. I'll be squeezing in some candle-lighting in the short window between sunset and Bill & Quincy's annual Christmas party (sorry, God... I promise I'll celebrate Your miracle appropriately with latkes and applesauce next Sunday). In the meantime, here are some recent stats from the homefront:

1am: The hour I was up until last weekend making kimchi. I think I might be turning into That Crazy Kimchi Lady. Every household needs one, I guess.

2: Number of nights we went caroling with our friends this year, for our second annual door-to-door caroling extravaganza. You'd better look out for us on a sidewalk near you... we're the ones singing four-part harmony and holding votive candles in mason jars to light our way, and we KNOW you're in there, we can see you through the window, we can tell you're not opening the door ON PURPOSE... (In our defense, we only sing at houses with Christmas lights, and for every door that didn't get opened, there was another family with little kids who came out and sat on the porch and listened in wonderment, or a guy who went and got his girfriend out of the shower so she could stick out her head and listen. It's enough to grow your heart three sizes.)

2 again: Number of weeks of holiday vacation I have. I love working at a nonprofit with two full-time staff members so my boss can say, "I think our office should be closed starting on Monday" and I can say "Okay" and then we mark it on the dry-erase calendar and it's decided.

4: Approximate number of hours I spent out of my pajamas yesterday, in what I'm hoping will set the tone for the remainder of my vacation.

Okay, I'll wrap it up there... I have all sorts of home-related projects on the vacation agenda, so I can't promise too many extensive updates, but I'll try to pop in with at least some pictures. In the meantime, hope everyone's holidays are safe and lovely!




  1. Am drooling with jealousy at a 2 week paid vacation. The last time I had that much free time I think the technical term was "unemployed."

    Mason jars AND 4 part harmony? I'm so there.

    Also, thanks for reminding me that hanukkah starts tonight and not (as the obviously gentile cow calendar you gave me says) tomorrow. Fortunately I have exactly 2 hanukkah candles left over from last year, and we're already planning a latke dinner for steve's birthday tomorrow night, so I'm not caught out as the worst jew ever.

  2. You have too many people leaving comments on your blog. Who are they trying to impress?

  3. Can someone please teach me to make kimchi?