Friday, December 12, 2008

Tasty books and winter flavors

Well, I think it's safe to say that the last thing I need under my christmas tree / menorah is more precarious stacks of books. However, I'm still allowed to drool at pretty Up With Food type books. Chews Wise posted a holiday booklist... with the exception of CLH's picks at the bottom, I would clear a coveted spot on my actual shelves for any of them. So not allowed to acquire anymore books until I finish one of the 6 I'm in the middle of. Bear Ye Witness, my End of the Year resolution is to finish said books. Summerland, Roots, Lolita, Wuthering Heights, The Sound and the Fury, and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Hmm, can't help but notice I'm struggling on the classics here in 2008! Odd because all of those books, with the exception of Summerland (eh) and WH (ugh), are fabulous. It's just my adult onset ADD.

Back to food, good lord have I been loving the farmer's market lately. I don't know about my complexion, but foodwise I am such a winter. I heart those root vegetables and long-cooking methods. I need to break out some macrobiotic winter menus. Tonight I roasted up a Japanese sweet potatoes with the most delicate skin and sweetest dessert caliber flesh, german butterball potatoes, golden beets, and a purple top turnip. Plus a side of tofu roasted with fresh oregano and smoked paprika, with a squeeze of backyard lemon. Why don't I eat this everyday? Last week I pretty much subsisted on a big bag of mushrooms and spinach (advertised as "rich and creamy"), in omelets, miso soup, tortillas... mmmmm. Walking back from the market today I had the most intensely flavored apple I've ever encountered, it was like biting into tangy candy. I almost needed water to wash it down.


  1. Aw, Wuthering Heights is one of my favorite books of all time. "A strange choice of favourites!" she observed scornfully.


  2. I need to know the name of that tangy candy apple variety, if you know it.

    Your cooking is inspirational. It helps me make an effort. And I bet you will be interested to know that I plan on growing quinoa next summer...

    Laura T from WMass

  3. Thanks, Laura! My cooking is pretty low-key, but it makes me happy. I'm so impressed by your whole CSA project! I wish I was local to take advantage. I would love to see how you grow quinoa.

    As for the apples, I have this sneaking suspicion that the variety matters less than the purveyor (this place also had the SWEETEST granny smith apples) but I will track it down next time I'm at that market.

    M - I haven't given up on WH yet. Am reserving final judgement.