Sunday, December 28, 2008

XXmas in review

(Looking to see what Santa brought; pumpkin fritters and goose gravy; the Christmas sweater; with Quincy on the back porch; R and the mighty chiminea; Bill and his cherry cobbler*; wrapping up the evening right: Tiny 2-Tones, dominoes, and one last round of 4-part caroling.)

*A few details on the cobbler: Please admire cuisinally impure but thematically magnificent red and green sugar sprinkles on crust. Also, please enjoy with me the fact that Bill poked an "X" in the crust that was supposed to be the "X" in "Xmas." But he made it so big that the rest of the word wouldn't have fit. So he did what any enterprising baker would do at this point: shrugged, and poked a second "X" next to the first one.

1 comment:

  1. The christmas sweater, part II! (Or is that part I?)

    And why don't I have a stocking?