Thursday, January 01, 2009

Bring on 09!

It had its moments ( but I think we can all agree 2008 is better left behind us. Onwards and upwards, folks.

1) Tired of looking at my pictures of holiday food? I forgot to mention that Inder documented some of the other festive traditions she has been partaking in. Doesn't everyone have a sock monkey under their tree?

2) Spent NYE in my favorite manner... hanging out at home in my PJs. S and I were excellent enablers, showing up with groceries for our "party" immediately after my nap. Homemade artichoke dip, the best lentil soup, reading by the fire, topped off with some bad tv channel surfing (the new years countdown coverage that seems to get worse every year, the good the bad and the ugly, a cheech and chong mockumentary, and a twilight zone marathon.) Watched a rerun of the tacky new ball drop. Declared it bedtime.

3) I made a good dent in that Leave-No-Book-Unfinished-in-2008 resolution. Turned the last page on 3/6 - Summerland, Roots, and Lolita. You know KT and I are both working up to epic year end book report posts.

4) I've had a couple of good days off here, and I may even get in some actual leaving-the-house quality time with a movie night at Sue's. I'm hoping to finish off all the christmas packages and cards before I have to go back to work tomorrow night. Because after that, January is pretty much spoken for! We're down to 2 of us at the store so I'll be pulling overtime this next week. It's all worth it because I'll immediately be taking a week off to entertain fabulous guests and put on the All-Cal convention!

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