Monday, January 26, 2009

Come baaaaaaaaaaaack!!

I must redeem myself as a hostess! My resolutions for future visits with Katie and Richard:
1) Can we please please please spend some time together someday soon while not planning a large event?????????? We're not cut out for this constant parade of weddings and conventions! Doing nothing, it's what we do best!
2) See water! As opposed to constantly being surrounded by it but not having any visual proof. (We did a great job of crossing bridges only in fog or cover of night and staring out over the pacific in the pitch dark.)
3) Spend time in the east bay! My neighborhood! Taking in the vast array of food I know and love! I'm all for getting out to the city more. Hanging out with Dan + Greg, always a plus. But a girl can only take so much driving, uphill parking, wandering around places she doesn't know, and eating at questionable establishments.

To elaborate... seeking out entertainment... not my specialty. I'm lucky if I leave the house. One of the reasons I loved living in Ecuador and love living here in the bay area is that I get to experience so much beauty and variety and culture in my daily life. This place is such the crossroads that just going about my business can rival any scheduled tour of historic neighborhoods. Today's errands... the Sunday farmer's market entailed a scenic walk along the waterfront to Jack London Square. Depositing a check at my bank and getting a PPD nearby landed me in the heart of the mexican Fruitvale district. (My destination turned out to be a clinic in the back of a farmacia. There was a posted menu of medical services en espanol, featuring "la especial del dia: vacuna contra el gripe.") Picking up a few groceries put me over the drawbridge for a jaunt into Alameda, that odd little island where I work. Then I headed home and found plenty of my neighbors already warming up the fireworks to celebrate the chinese new year.

At least I'm all geared up and ready for visitors in Feb and March... I've been planning to drag my parents to all my favorite local haunts as well as yelping some new favorites... I've concluded that one of the tastiest concentrations of food in the country is within a 5 mile radius of my house. I mean, the soup sushi nazi is right across from our bookstore! Who knew?

In more exciting travel news, just bought my ticket east for March 5-11! The joys of WMSCH, Tin Hat, Mahoney open house, the regular tour of friends and family in Boston, plus a bonus one-way Jet Blue flight to take me home. And, dare I dream, perhaps we can fit in one blessed moment of KT+R+R downtime???

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