Friday, January 02, 2009

Isn't it always the way...

...that the Christmas that two of your friends decide indpendently to make and bottle homemade vanilla to give as gifts is also the Christmas when you decide to clean out your cupboards and find all the half-used bottles of vanilla that were just tipped over behind the peanut butter?

On the bright side, I now have enough vanilla to make delicious baked goods for the next 9 years.

Happy 2009! We rang in the 1st with friends Leah & Kevin at a stone picnic table on top of Mount Bonnell (don't let the name fool you, it's really a glorified hummock) with sparking wine and an unimpressive view of the downtown fireworks.

Clearly self-timed photos in the pitch darkness are a winning enterprise for us. Almost as successful as this last self-portrait of 2008, which was supposed to prominently feature the December calendar behind us so you could tell what time of year it was.

Oh well.


  1. Ha! It's a secret plot to get Katie to bring her breakfast bars to every singing convention in Texas forever because. . . how else are you going to use up all that vanilla, Katie?

  2. Okay okay, but all that leftover corn syrup vanilla goes into the breakfast bars first - I'm saving the good stuff for myself!!