Monday, January 12, 2009

The only thing that might break me of my Goodwill habit

How to acquire a loveseat full of clothes that no one wants (that's approximately 30 cubic feet of clothes, my friends. Not counting the 13 pairs of shoes. Or the coffee table full of jewelry):

1) Host a clothing swap and invite all your lady friends.

2) Tell them to invite their friends.

3) They will.

4) 15 people will come, each bearing an average of 2.5 giant grocery bags of clothes.

5) For the next 2 hours your house will be full of women trying things on and asking for opinions. Richard will be in his element.

6) Everyone will leave with an average of 1.5 giant grocery bags of newly acquired clothes.

7) And voila! 30 cubic feet just like that! (Well, technically they won't leave them all folded on your loveseat. That will only happen later, after you go through every single thing that was left, because you love free stuff. You love it so much.)

So now I am the proud owner of a horrifying amount of women's clothes, at least until I decide which lucky charity will be the recipient of such largesse. In the meantime, send me your size and your favorite color, and you might just get lucky...


  1. Ooh, shiny free clothes. I assume you have already gone shopping for me.

    I just put the finishing touches on my convention outfits, which involved:

    a) Finally returning my Macy's bra. You'll be happy to know that I received about the same level of service as when we made our purchases, which is to say none whatsoever.

    b) Making my first purchase ever at Victoria Secret (a basic slip, don't get too excited there.)

    c) Deciding I desperately needed cream ribbed tights and consequently spending way too long drooling over this website:

  2. ha, you know my favorite color!
    i love this type of thing!
    xoxo, lo