Monday, January 05, 2009

Rare blogpost, previously unreleased

(Found this sitting as a draft from 11/25/08. Not sure if I forgot to publish it or I just stopped caring. Either way, now we can all enjoy a pointless flashback.)

The songs that are concurrently running through my head...

"Well I ain't gonna work tomorrow, and I ain't gonna work today.I ain't gonna work tomorrow for it might be a rainy day."
as sung by rani arbo
I left my phone in the car (as opposed to sunday when I left my phone in the farmer's market bag in the kitchen and then drove all over town looking for it before I realized I was calling my old number. Yeah.) The weather forecast and sentiment apply.

as sung by Laney College Choir
We had a silly midterm concert at lunchtime in the admin building last week, which was the first time the day choir and the night choir had sung together, and it actually sounded halfway decent. The choir is fun if pretty basic and world-musicky (we also sang Indian, Hebrew, and German tunes plus... wait for it... a hymn in Luo - the language of Obama's father.)
Reasons why this song makes me insane:
1. Really? why don't we just sing la bamba?
2. Everytime I sing this all can think about is the random giant statue of Jose Marti (who wrote the lyrics) that dominated the roundabout by my place in Quito. Yeah, that one:

Reasons why I grudgingly am not sorry to have been singing this:
1. Otherwise I wouldn't have caught the nod Manu Chao gives in a recent song... "yo soy un homre sincero, de donde crece la 'juana" (Oh that Manu...)
2. The statue IS pretty awesome. Especially when it lights up garishly at night.

jjjjingle bells
as sung by Bing
eric, always more jolly than I feel capable of being at such an hour, made me listen to it first thing this morning at work.

As sung in Berkeley on Monday night. (Except in my head we know the words.)
Richard managed to call in the 5 minutes that I was driving from a convention planning meeting to the singing last night. For some reason we were discussing how this song got quoted in that Paste article, and then as soon as I walked in it was my turn to lead and I couldn't think of anything else.


  1. we had to memorize the marti poem in my 10th grade spanish class and i had a leg up because of a similar nod in a katell keineg song. ahhh youthful music obsessions, how many random things you taught me that actually became semi-useful later... (dude, early 10,000 maniacs? filled with obscure references that i would nerdily love to look up...)

  2. Ooh ooh, I love this game! Let's not forget that I owe all my familiarity with Guglielmo Marconi to Mr. Shindell.

  3. And yet more (mostly for J&B's appreciation): Occam's Razor (D&T), Mark Rothko (Dar, um, obviously), and the Green Lantern (somehow I'd missed out on that era of comic book history before Superhero Soup).

    Oh god, okay, WAY too much reminiscing for one morning. It's giving me the urge to listen to "Old Dominion" and "The World Ain't Slowin Down." Ugh.