Saturday, February 14, 2009

Let's get to KT's Best of 2008 already!

You knew it was coming, don't lie! And only 6 weeks overdue...

2008 Highlights: Ron Paul Prawn Balls; hosting Passover seder; first trip to New Orleans (not that I saw much of anything besides the inside of two hotels, but it was a great conference in a significant city, so it makes the cut); making everyone we love in the whole world come play with us in Fischer (okay okay, there are a few people we love who didn't come play with us); my trip to Atlanta, featuring Jenna and B.F. White's grave.

2008 Lowlights: The Atlanta Cyclorama (which sounds like an awesome roller coaster but is actually a platform that slowly rotates in the center of the world's largest painting, "The Battle of Atlanta," complete with unfortunate sound effects and narrative straight out of your circa-1962 history textbook - and don't forget to save some time for the gift shop, where you can stock up on copies of Uncle Tom's Cabin and Civil War shot glasses, in case your supplies are running low).

Best Places Visited: Niki's Tokyo Palace in San Antonio (have you ever been to a sushi restaurant that was so affordable that THERE WAS LEFTOVER SUSHI AT THE END??? I thought not), Santa Fe redux (in which Rebecca helped me relive both Eric's childhood and September 2006), Stowers Ranch (as immortalized in Bill's epic 5-part documentary of our bachelor/bachelorette weekend).

Best Movies: Young@Heart (and not only because they drive past my old high school halfway through the movie), WALL-E

Number of Weddings I Attended and/or Was The Bride For: 3

Number of Drag King Shows I Attended With Cindy: 3

How Long My Trip from Buffalo to Austin In July That Was Supposed to Take 7 Hours Actually Took: 16 hours. Including 5 hours at the Buffalo Airport (which boasts approximately two stores and one restaurant) and 3 hours in the middle of the night at the JetBlue modular gate at JFK (which boasts approximately one bar and one magazine stand with a single rack of paperbacks that were so bad I couldn't bring myself to buy any - and we're talking 1:30am at the airport, when even Nicholas SPARKS would have been balm to soothe my troubled soul).

Lifetime Firsts: Voting for a presidential candidate who actually won. Oh yeah, and getting married. But Obama!

In Memory Of: My grandfather

Okay, in the interest of expedience - since a draft of this post has been sitting in the archives since at least Christmas - I'm going to wrap it up here and spare you my best-of book list. Oh, it's coming. You won't get off that easy. But since I appear to have read 95 books last year (yikes, no wonder I never get anything done), and since I'm the world's slowest writer even when I'm just making a list, it might take me some time to get through them. In the meantime, for all 2 of you who might actually be interested*, feel free to peruse my partial reviews on GoodReads. Happy 2009, y'all!

*Rebecca, my mom


  1. So, I admit to abusing my blog ownership privileges by reading this in draft form a long time ago.

    One of these days I'll get around to my annual tradition of rereading all the blogposts like a crazy person and doing my own best of. Plus best of, book edition. Also, maybe someday I'll send the rest of my christmas cards? Yeah.

    On topic, I think that for the rest of my life I will be convinced that his full name is Ron Paul Prawn Balls.

  2. Katie, you are spot-on about the Cyclorama in Atlanta, where my grandparents would drag me and my brother every time we visited them! We were too young to fully appreciate how cheesy it is, not to mention biased. It's still one of those unique pieces of Americana.