Monday, February 16, 2009


our heroine spent HER weekend channeling KT. Friday night I saw Tracy at the Freight and Salvage, which was enjoyable if weirdly low energy thanks to the aging hippies who frequent the Freight. I mean, I was maybe 1 of 5 people under 30. SUCH a weird vibe for her show.

Sunday I ignored the heavens opening, refusing to yet again reschedule a trip to Santa Cruz. Finally made it down there for the first time since May to sing, shop at my favorite natural foods spots, and pop into ye olde bookstore. Plus I managed to fit in a visit with the other Mahoney! Dan braved Thai food for me and I left him with a very belated California housewarming, aka yet another permutation of books and jam. Here's photographic evidence! (Dan's house is approximately 99% empty white space, hence the mandatory mug shots...)

Today Inder and I took our day off to drink tea and attack the kitchen. Most of the time I've lived here it's been layered with an oversized plastic table, dog crates, cooking/jammaking/gardening/plumbing/snowboarding/unidentifiable equipment... who knew we had functional shelves and generous square footage under there???

And now my bottom shelf is all pretty and pest proof. Look, Richard, I actually braved contact paper for the first time since overdosing that time we covered 60 Home with miles of it back in 03!

In case you were wondering, pests in our house include not only periodic attacks of grain moths and the late mice who I had been continuing to remember by their droppings, but also a couple of naughty dogs who shall remain nameless... yes, that's them in the late stages of devouring an entire bag of flour pulled out of that shelf.


  1. Thanks for carrying on the surrogate sister duties! If Dan's going to insist on living in California, somebody's gotta pick up the slack.

    Whoa beard.

    Your kitchen! So clean and beautiful! Nice work, ladies.

    And finally, you KNOW I love the new blog header.

  2. Inder's Six Word Poem of the Day:

    Pests - winged, furry, large and small.

  3. Love the shelf paper. And oh my, all that empty floor in the kitchen - shocking! Where did you put the table? Where will you do all your food preparation??