Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reflections on this morning

1) Sometimes when I go to college internship fairs and set up my table in between people in suits and shiny blouses from News 8 Austin and National Instruments and I have to paw through our suitcase of tabling supplies for something besides promotional condoms that I can put out to catch people's attention, it makes me giggle.

2) Every now and then when I'm sick of the radio I pull out one of Briana's old mix tapes from high school to listen to in the car. And it's a good thing I do, otherwise I'd forget all about songs like this one. (Updated to add: Sweet, I found the solo acoustic version that's on my tape! Sorry for the crappy Rhapsody link but I couldn't find it on YouTube.)

3) I'm pretty sure I've begun to say "jinerally" instead of "generally." It can only be a matter of time before "fixin to" and "dit'n't" start to appear with equal regularity.


  1. Living in B-more, the word "dit'n't" is super common, as in, "Oh no you dit'n't!" and so my former boss and I actually spent a matter of hours brainstorming and ultimately deciding on the correct spelling of the word last year. And I love you for using it in your post. LOVE.

    Okay...now both of you stop writing things that are inspiring me to comment. I'm feeling like a geek.

  2. Ooooh, so much blog love from Carly!!!

  3. Suggestion for the booth: promotional condom balloon animals!


  4. Eeew, nobody wants to put a lubricated condom that close to their mouth. Except perhaps under certain conditions. But even then it's still pretty gross.

    Now if I only had a helium pump...

  5. Thank you- I SO forgot that song too. Mmm. <3