Monday, March 30, 2009

"To Serve Man" (K&R edition)

This pathetic excuse for a post will have to suffice until I get a chance to post my epic March In Review. Don't worry, I have to spend the next week planning a seder for 15 people, so I feel reasonably certain that some excessive procrastination will be in order sometime between now and then.

Oh okay, one more photo, of our most recent houseguest:

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not about the second grade

Ugh, I spent ALL DAY stuck inside at a pointless class. While everyone else was outside enjoying the beautiful day, decorating onesies at baby showers, or singing at McMahan! No fair!

OK, maybe it's not so bad. I got an hour lunch to spend at the farmers market, just down the street from the UC Berkeley Extension. I managed to show up to Inder's shower just in time to eat leftover pie and haul half the goodies home. AND I get to look forward to M and R and TG joining us for the Golden Gate singing in just another month. I can't really complain!

Anyway, here's some wmshc related musings I've been meaning to post.

I don't have any actual pictures from this year, so this building I pass every day on the bus will have to suffice. Just please don't make me live here when I get old...

I was looking over the 2008 minutes, and I appear to have severe convention amnesia. I clearly remember it being this intensely wonderful two days of singing and yet... I led with KT and R on Saturday???? I led 106 on Sunday???? ZERO memory of this.

Who do you have to know to get some wmshc recordings around here? I realized that I only have 2005 and part of 2003. So if anyone wants to pass on a few cds one of these days, I'd be grateful!

Friday, March 27, 2009

I say again, can't a girl read her &^$#@* book????

In which Rebecca faces continued persecution...

So I got called to the principal's office today. Get this. He was concerned that when he sees me at lunch I'm always eating by myself and reading a book. Are the other teachers being cliquey, he asks?

SERIOUSLY?? Am I really in that episode of Gilmore Girls? Isn't the fact that this is actually on the principal's agenda proof enough that the school is plenty welcoming? (Soooo welcoming. Tooooo welcoming!!) Are teachers not allowed to be nerdy? Is reading not appropriate behavior for school?

I assured him that really, everyone is VERY NICE TO ME. I am VERY HAPPY. It's just that once upon a time I was a little girl who used to read at recess. In the future I will schedule some time for schmoozing at lunch. Can I go now?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

News from the second grade

Don't you love how working with kids means gaining a zillion unrepentant stalkers? "I saw you waiting for the bus! You were wearing a hat."

SO MANY Vivians and Kenneths and Tiffanys and Fionas and Vincents. (At least 2 of each.)

Two of my newcomers aren't getting held back after all, it's nice to think that maybe I had a small hand in that.

Did you ever make those fake dinosaur fossils from plaster of paris? Guess what I get to do 100 times over? Yeah.

Note to chatty 3rd grade teacher... you may be shocked by this, but when I spend my break reading it is not a sign that I am shy and playing hard to get. I am not advertising for someone to come up and ask me what I'm reading and continue to make pointless small talk about my book until the break is over. I would actually like to read my f-ing book. Thank you.

People keep asking me if I've learned any Chinese. The short answer is no. I did learn the word for thank you. Half the time in Cantonese. It turns out that Cantonese is the primary language here, is in fact the language of most of the Chinese diaspora. So anything you learned from watching the Olympics doesn't apply. I've also figured out that Chinese numbers are written in the same way as Japanese, so I can interpret things like dates and street signs. However, I have no idea how they pronounce those numbers, and haven't gotten around to looking it up. That's about it.

I have not gotten a pink slip. Yet.

Best second grade spelling: "Shirt. S-H-I-T-S."

Best second grade theology: "I'm going to make a question mark as big as God!"

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So I got it

The WMSHC plague, that is. (Though it's a week and a half late, so I guess I can't hold all those sick singers entirely responsible for my 100.9 fever... because I'm sure it has nothing to do with flying on an airplane and not getting enough sleep for the past 3 nights...) As fevers are so exceptionally good at doing, it's managed to incapacitate me at maybe the worst time possible; I was supposed to spend tomorrow rallying volunteers and helping my co-workers prepare to oppose a vile piece of potential legislation that we just found out goes up for a hearing tomorrow, having lunch with a colleague and her 6-month-old baby, going to the sing for the first time in a month, and going downtown to say hi to Jim and watch the Sig Sounds SXSW showcase.

Maybe if I get sick of sleeping and drinking tea tomorrow I'll post a happy birthday vacation retrospective. In the meantime, I'll leave you with this most excellent teaser.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pictures for a cranky day

It's cold and rainy, I have to work another double shift tomorrow, and I missed two fantastic singings in a row thanks to this silly cold that's left me sneezy and drippy.

Things that go a long way towards cheering me up/on:

A giant box of citrus arrived magically on my kitchen counter!!! Way to make this sickly jammaker's day. Inder came back from singing with a marmalade supply from Ian's orange tree. (Plus, this makes me nostalgic for my childhood and those citrus fundraiser boxes that were inevitably foisted on us and lingered in our cellar all winter. Which in turn used to make me nostalgic for that one precious orange little boys and girls were lucky to get on Chirstmasses of Olde, or so I was always reading...)

Cute baby things keep arriving in our house! (If you're behind the times, check out pregnant!crafty!Inder!)

And if your spirits haven't been lifted yet, wait for it...

Best. Affirmation. Ever.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A taste

In the last 7 days I...
Worked 8 shifts between the 2 jobs. Including both Sat and Sunday and a 12 hour day on Tuesday.
Saw Blue Highway at the F&S.
Took 12 buses. Mostly in the rain.
Spent my tax return+ on a new clutch.
Got 2 hair cuts.
Was the first to arrive at singing, the first and probably only time this will ever happen. The early 6 pm mixed book session, no less.

Yes, I deserve a vacation.
No, I haven't started packing.
Yes, I have been playing convention dressup:

I went shopping in Inder's shoe closet. She's restricted to sensible flats for at least another 2 months, so she must live vicariously.

It's been... possibly 8 years since my hair has seen a blow dryer, and I don't know that it's ever seen a flat iron before. My sweet new hair guy insisted on applying both so that he could finish cutting my hair properly. He promises even without the dryer it will work wonderfully with my new rainy season extra-curly hair personality. This is good because until I shower I'm totally channeling the Jennifer Anniston esque look I sported back in 95.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Five days till WMSHC, Top Three Richard Moments of 2008, and more

I've said it before and I'll say it again - why exactly does my annual trip to Massachusetts always fall in the middle of my favorite month in Austin??? Someday I swear to god I'll stop leaving Central Texas when everything is pretty and green and bloomy... what kind of person goes out of their way to travel to New England in MARCH??? ::Shakes fist at WMSHC::

Oh well. I'm SO EXCITED to see everybody! And in the meantime, allow me to distract myself by sharing an addendum to my 2008 wrap-up post:

Top Three Richard Moments of 2008

1) When he accidentally walked off a small cliff into a pond.

2) When he ate three-quarters of a muffin without realizing it still had the paper on it.

3) That time we were driving in the car in contemplative silence and all of a sudden he burst out with "PORK!" and then lapsed back into silence.

Oh man. Good times.

So I plan on disappearing into the ether for a bit - I have three more days of craziness here and then VACATION! with presumably sporadic posting till the 15th. Don't worry, Rebecca will keep you entertained, at least until my birthday when I feel sure I'll be back in business. (Speaking of birthdays, lest you think I've never done anything for my dear mother who buys me excessive birthday presents, let it be known that I finally and at long last watched one of her favorite movies. Graham brought it over this weekend and the three of us held a special screening. I could have sworn Richard had already watched it but apparently I must have been thinking of some other instance in which he did something to make my mom love him better than she loves me. There are lots of those.)

On that note, I'll leave you with this historic birthday post that I found while delving back into the March 2006 archives trying to remember when exactly I'd started my job. I had just turned 24! For whatever reason that sounds obscenely young to me now. (More importantly, how come Richard never makes me giant platters of sushi anymore??????????????????)

Enjoy your week everyone - and if you're a WMasser, I'll see you soon!