Monday, March 02, 2009

Five days till WMSHC, Top Three Richard Moments of 2008, and more

I've said it before and I'll say it again - why exactly does my annual trip to Massachusetts always fall in the middle of my favorite month in Austin??? Someday I swear to god I'll stop leaving Central Texas when everything is pretty and green and bloomy... what kind of person goes out of their way to travel to New England in MARCH??? ::Shakes fist at WMSHC::

Oh well. I'm SO EXCITED to see everybody! And in the meantime, allow me to distract myself by sharing an addendum to my 2008 wrap-up post:

Top Three Richard Moments of 2008

1) When he accidentally walked off a small cliff into a pond.

2) When he ate three-quarters of a muffin without realizing it still had the paper on it.

3) That time we were driving in the car in contemplative silence and all of a sudden he burst out with "PORK!" and then lapsed back into silence.

Oh man. Good times.

So I plan on disappearing into the ether for a bit - I have three more days of craziness here and then VACATION! with presumably sporadic posting till the 15th. Don't worry, Rebecca will keep you entertained, at least until my birthday when I feel sure I'll be back in business. (Speaking of birthdays, lest you think I've never done anything for my dear mother who buys me excessive birthday presents, let it be known that I finally and at long last watched one of her favorite movies. Graham brought it over this weekend and the three of us held a special screening. I could have sworn Richard had already watched it but apparently I must have been thinking of some other instance in which he did something to make my mom love him better than she loves me. There are lots of those.)

On that note, I'll leave you with this historic birthday post that I found while delving back into the March 2006 archives trying to remember when exactly I'd started my job. I had just turned 24! For whatever reason that sounds obscenely young to me now. (More importantly, how come Richard never makes me giant platters of sushi anymore??????????????????)

Enjoy your week everyone - and if you're a WMasser, I'll see you soon!


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  1. 1) I just fixed your birthday post link. *Uses her editorial powers for good-not-evil*

    2) The angel movie? I'm also pretty convinced that Richard already watched it.

    3) WMSHC!!!!!!!!!!!!!