Friday, March 27, 2009

I say again, can't a girl read her &^$#@* book????

In which Rebecca faces continued persecution...

So I got called to the principal's office today. Get this. He was concerned that when he sees me at lunch I'm always eating by myself and reading a book. Are the other teachers being cliquey, he asks?

SERIOUSLY?? Am I really in that episode of Gilmore Girls? Isn't the fact that this is actually on the principal's agenda proof enough that the school is plenty welcoming? (Soooo welcoming. Tooooo welcoming!!) Are teachers not allowed to be nerdy? Is reading not appropriate behavior for school?

I assured him that really, everyone is VERY NICE TO ME. I am VERY HAPPY. It's just that once upon a time I was a little girl who used to read at recess. In the future I will schedule some time for schmoozing at lunch. Can I go now?


  1. That is so awesome it hurts.


  2. Wow. I hope to never get called into the principal's office, but I think that is definitely the best reason I could hope to be called in for.

  3. omg ! (i was gonna post "haha" but then i saw your dad posted that already)

  4. So good!

    Also, I followed that Gilmore Girls link, and I have the distinct feeling that that was one of 2.5 GG episodes I've ever seen. (At Sandy's house circa 2005, when she had a stack of DVD's to entertain her while she was recovering from having her wisdom teeth out, and Richard made us watch GG.)

  5. Hola Rebecita!
    Wow, you have it harder in CA than I ever could have imagined.

    I think I like that kind of hardship. That is my utopian Cambridge-raised inner child speaking.

    ~Amy (of the Finlay variety)