Wednesday, March 25, 2009

News from the second grade

Don't you love how working with kids means gaining a zillion unrepentant stalkers? "I saw you waiting for the bus! You were wearing a hat."

SO MANY Vivians and Kenneths and Tiffanys and Fionas and Vincents. (At least 2 of each.)

Two of my newcomers aren't getting held back after all, it's nice to think that maybe I had a small hand in that.

Did you ever make those fake dinosaur fossils from plaster of paris? Guess what I get to do 100 times over? Yeah.

Note to chatty 3rd grade teacher... you may be shocked by this, but when I spend my break reading it is not a sign that I am shy and playing hard to get. I am not advertising for someone to come up and ask me what I'm reading and continue to make pointless small talk about my book until the break is over. I would actually like to read my f-ing book. Thank you.

People keep asking me if I've learned any Chinese. The short answer is no. I did learn the word for thank you. Half the time in Cantonese. It turns out that Cantonese is the primary language here, is in fact the language of most of the Chinese diaspora. So anything you learned from watching the Olympics doesn't apply. I've also figured out that Chinese numbers are written in the same way as Japanese, so I can interpret things like dates and street signs. However, I have no idea how they pronounce those numbers, and haven't gotten around to looking it up. That's about it.

I have not gotten a pink slip. Yet.

Best second grade spelling: "Shirt. S-H-I-T-S."

Best second grade theology: "I'm going to make a question mark as big as God!"


  1. "I'm going to make a question mark as big as God!"

    3 years of my life and thousands into debt and this kid pretty much nailed it.

  2. I know!! What is there left to teach these wise people masquerading as little boys and girls?

    It's totally cliche, but I almost always feel like I'm the one doing the learning... it's just constant field research into what makes 7 and 8 year old people tick.