Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not about the second grade

Ugh, I spent ALL DAY stuck inside at a pointless class. While everyone else was outside enjoying the beautiful day, decorating onesies at baby showers, or singing at McMahan! No fair!

OK, maybe it's not so bad. I got an hour lunch to spend at the farmers market, just down the street from the UC Berkeley Extension. I managed to show up to Inder's shower just in time to eat leftover pie and haul half the goodies home. AND I get to look forward to M and R and TG joining us for the Golden Gate singing in just another month. I can't really complain!

Anyway, here's some wmshc related musings I've been meaning to post.

I don't have any actual pictures from this year, so this building I pass every day on the bus will have to suffice. Just please don't make me live here when I get old...

I was looking over the 2008 minutes, and I appear to have severe convention amnesia. I clearly remember it being this intensely wonderful two days of singing and yet... I led with KT and R on Saturday???? I led 106 on Sunday???? ZERO memory of this.

Who do you have to know to get some wmshc recordings around here? I realized that I only have 2005 and part of 2003. So if anyone wants to pass on a few cds one of these days, I'd be grateful!


  1. Uh, you definitely didn't lead with us on Sunday, you led with J and maybe B. Also, did you lead l06? I thought you led Jewett? That's so confusing. Were you looking at some other year's minutes?

  2. The 2008 minutes aren't online, but to be more specific...

    It says that after lunch on Saturday, March 8, 2008, the three of us led 377. That sounds... possible, though again I have a giant hole in my memory. And here Jenna and I were lamenting that no one will ever get to lead with you guys anymore, and I've managed to forget the one instance in which I already had! Doh.

    It also says that after lunch on Sunday, March 9, 2008, I led 106. Which sounds extremely unlikely. I feel like that's not a song I would ever lead at a large convention. But I also have no competing memory of leading anything else. (I don't think it was 105, though I just checked and I DID lead that in 2005, which sounds more familiar.)

    A minutes mystery...

  3. I really feel like the three of you led and it was cute. Damn my lack of a real camera! It could so help right now...

  4. Aaah, I'm so confused...

    Okay, my bad, in the original post I thought you'd said 2009 (not sure where you would have seen them published already, but whatever)... and YES, I'm almost positive the 3 of us led together last year, and YES, I'm pretty sure you led 106 too.

    THIS year was the year you led with J&B. Oh man. So confused.

  5. Yes 2008. I trusted in the minutes, but it's nice to hear that your memory exists and provides the same result for that period of time. I feel better now.

  6. We can't wait to see and sing with you either! So nice to get your message while we were down in Austin, too. And good luck getting to read your books at lunch.