Monday, March 16, 2009

Pictures for a cranky day

It's cold and rainy, I have to work another double shift tomorrow, and I missed two fantastic singings in a row thanks to this silly cold that's left me sneezy and drippy.

Things that go a long way towards cheering me up/on:

A giant box of citrus arrived magically on my kitchen counter!!! Way to make this sickly jammaker's day. Inder came back from singing with a marmalade supply from Ian's orange tree. (Plus, this makes me nostalgic for my childhood and those citrus fundraiser boxes that were inevitably foisted on us and lingered in our cellar all winter. Which in turn used to make me nostalgic for that one precious orange little boys and girls were lucky to get on Chirstmasses of Olde, or so I was always reading...)

Cute baby things keep arriving in our house! (If you're behind the times, check out pregnant!crafty!Inder!)

And if your spirits haven't been lifted yet, wait for it...

Best. Affirmation. Ever.


  1. So sorry to miss you all! :(

  2. That one was for you, B. Somewhere right now, Officer Goyette is beaming with pride though he doesn't know exactly why...

  3. Why have I not been reading Inder's blog?
    Hey, guess what, guess what? M just got plane tickets for us to come to San Francisco. He has a conference there the week before the Golden Gate singing so we're coming too!!
    So, let us know what your schedule is that week and tell me lots of fun things I can do with TG and no car while M is at his conference.
    Umm, I should just email you probably.

  4. kt, i think your mom should carry that picture around in her wallet. that way you might get her out of a speeding ticket with officer goyette like i did for my mom... <3<3 b

  5. Thanks for the update at W.M.. Sorry it was cut short--I apologize. :o(
    Best of luck with your jams & jellies!

  6. R - What fabulous news! Now I have enough to cheer me up at least through April! I will email you when I get a moment.