Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A taste

In the last 7 days I...
Worked 8 shifts between the 2 jobs. Including both Sat and Sunday and a 12 hour day on Tuesday.
Saw Blue Highway at the F&S.
Took 12 buses. Mostly in the rain.
Spent my tax return+ on a new clutch.
Got 2 hair cuts.
Was the first to arrive at singing, the first and probably only time this will ever happen. The early 6 pm mixed book session, no less.

Yes, I deserve a vacation.
No, I haven't started packing.
Yes, I have been playing convention dressup:

I went shopping in Inder's shoe closet. She's restricted to sensible flats for at least another 2 months, so she must live vicariously.

It's been... possibly 8 years since my hair has seen a blow dryer, and I don't know that it's ever seen a flat iron before. My sweet new hair guy insisted on applying both so that he could finish cutting my hair properly. He promises even without the dryer it will work wonderfully with my new rainy season extra-curly hair personality. This is good because until I shower I'm totally channeling the Jennifer Anniston esque look I sported back in 95.


  1. Oh my god, I LOVED your work in "Bruce Almighty."

  2. More pics of the new hairdo, please!

  3. Put back the Obama banner!!

  4. The Obama banner was awesome, but I really like the new one, too. I'm a sucker for pictures of Sacred Harps.


  5. The Obama banner is for special occasions :) You can tell me when you put your flag out and I'll put up the banner!

    I'm glad SOMEONE likes the current wmshc togetherness banner! I love the books too but Katie and Richard hate the other photo.