Thursday, April 30, 2009

But let me find them all again

In case you couldn't tell, this weekend was just such a satisfying mix of all the things I love about singing near and far. Since I've already praised our visitors, please enjoy this video of someone pretty high up on the list of local greatness! Excuse the low quality, I just wanted to capture a little something for posterity. Here's Inder, a week before her due date, leading one verse of 383.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A little photo-love

Hot off the presses from Greg B... please join me as we take a brief moment out of our busy days to revisit Wedding Weekend 2008! Awww.

Now don't forget to keep scrolling down so you can read Rebecca's new post. We continue to have the disturbing ability to go for 2 weeks without posting and then both write something on the same day.

And all my midnight hours defend...

(After having it stuck in my head for months I think I managed a passable job of leading 402 on Sunday. Thank you, Joseph Addison, for writing about late-night religion I can get behind.)

So I managed to attend every singing event this weekend except for one social (and, come on, there were THREE! And I was cooking on Saturday night!) Friday night social, singing school on Saturday, a Sunday marathon of all-day singing /social / out to dinner / Tim's concert. Tonight's weekly singing. And lest we forget, the post-singing pizza, beer, and survivalist conversation I've just returned from. But the confusing part is that I enjoyed every moment of the whole shebang immensely and have no desire to crawl into a cave or similar, and (confession) I actually enjoy my new job so much that I can't even muster up much resentment at having to go back to work this week. This is such a nice and confusing contrast to the usual highs and lows of BestTimeEver, too.much.fellowship-induced social anxiety, followed closely by crashing.

I'll probably have more commentary later along with a crappy video, but I want to say how transcendentally excellent it was on a musical and personal level to have some New England representation out here! Thanks, y'all, for pitching / singing really loud / generally bringing the intensity to laid-back california / soothing my homesick soul. And not least for bringing me a delightful dog-and-katie-phile playmate (clearly that's a girl after my own heart.)

A PSA here, if you ever get the opportunity, please make sure to ask Matt for his Rose of Sharon rest home impression.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vegan lunchbox strikes again - asparagus season!

Slightly less cranky today after powernapping and a relaxing dinner (it was convention business but I didn't have to drive and there were three kinds of pie.)

Having already used up my meager supply of convenience foods this week I had no choice but to whip up a quick lunch for tomorrow. It turned out to be rather photogenic so I thought I'd offer a pick-me-up after my last post.

The pyrex features roasted asparagus with a squeeze of lemon, red-fleshed heirloom potatoes and slices of tofu roasted with marjoram, and Inder's leftover caramelized onions and mushrooms. On the side are a mixed bag of walnuts/carrots/dates/dried peaches and 2 kiwis.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

so. cranky. so sure this title has already been used.

Hi world! The past two days have hit 90 which no one here is equipped to deal with. (I mean, people don't even own FANS.) The entire populace is cranky and sedated by hayfever. Yours truly is also a little sleep deprived, bummed at being particularly incompetent at getting together with visiting M and R and m (and generally incompetent at keeping in touch with loved ones), and mostly overwhelmed by the percentage of my time that is accounted for between now and Monday - working both jobs tomorrow and then full on convention mode through Sunday. (This involves the second convention-planning dinner meeting of the week on Thursday, the big singing school on Saturday, and of course the Golden Gate Singing on Sunday. And I should put in an appearance at least ONE of the 3 socials on Fri/Sat/Sun night. And probably Tim's concert on Sunday. AND cook for 90% of those events.) Actually I'm really excited for everything on my plate, and I even like work these days, but WHEN CAN I CRAWL INTO MY CAVE FOR THE WINTER! Yikes!

OK, sleep now, non-cranky content later. I actually have pictures and anecdotes from the last couple of weeks that, while procrastinating all of the above, I should have plenty of time to post before turning to singing news.

Things that make Rebecca less cranky: Inder/Steve/dogs listening to me whine, cold showers, lots of compliments on my new target shoes, and fresh shelled peas. The fact that while writing this post, I only got ONE convention-related email, the entire text of which reads "Gracias!"

Monday, April 20, 2009


Green belt promotion last week. Thanks to Graham for playing paparazzi. Nothing makes you feel more like a rockstar than wearing white pajamas and having someone take pictures of you all evening. (If I was really a rockstar I would have been tearing off my sweaty clothes and hurling them at girls in the audience, but I'm not sure you're actually allowed to get promoted to your next belt if you do that. Better safe than sorry.)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

No offense, Funakoshi Sensei

But the essay I have to write about you for my green belt test on Wednesday makes me want to do pretty much anything at all in the entire world except write it.

On that note, how about some pictures?

After rearranging our living room last week in order to set up enough tables for everyone at our seder, Richard suggested that we leave it that way, and since one of my favorite things in the entire world is rearranging furniture - it never fails to make me feel like I've got a brand new exciting room - I was all over that idea. We still have a few tweaks to make (Richard has this idea that he's going to build a new set of custom shelves for our cd's; I would happily settle for a piece of crap from Ikea), but behold Living Room 2.0! I have a variety of photos that I could use for the comparison shot, but I think the one I'll go with is from the infamous "Before" series dating back to our pre-wedding housecleaning madness. The angles are slightly different, but you get the idea.


Okay okay, back to Funakoshi Sensei. (Well, maybe I'll make myself something to eat first. And if I make myself something to eat, then I'll need to empty the dishwasher so I can put my dirty dishes in it. And while I'm emptying the dishwasher, I'll remember that I need to put in another load of laundry so I can hang it up to dry before the sun goes down. And then when I'm outside hanging my laundry I'll remember how we haven't been to the garden to water our plants yet this weekend. And incidentally, I'm almost done with my book; I'm sure it wouldn't take that long to finish it. And...)

Friday, April 10, 2009

I know I haven't given you a chance to make fun of Texas in a while...

...and I'd like to atone for that. Enter State Rep. Betty Brown. As you've probably heard by now, she's the gal who said Asian American voters should change their names to make them "easier" to pronounce. I know, right? Unf***ingbelievable.

Really the only thing to do at a time like this is go read about it on In the Pink:

As the AP reported last night, Brown said that more generic names would be "easier for Americans to deal with." In these uncertain times, we don’t need another stressor, like trying to figure out how to spell "Chang." In his testimony, Ramey Ko (how the f*ck do you say that?) of the Organization of Chinese Americans told members that people of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean descent can encounter voting problems due to possible differences in their legal names and the common English names used on their driver’s licenses.

Brown asked: "Rather than everyone here having to learn Chinese — I understand it’s a rather difficult language — do you think that it would behoove you and your citizens to adopt a name that we could deal with more readily here?" ... Note Brown’s use of "you and your citizens," as in "you and the rest of those Asians." Classic. The Republic of Ko.


Thursday, April 09, 2009

"The commemoration service of the Passover has now been accomplished according to its order, all the ordinances and customs of the feast."

Do you wish that your seder consisted of 8 law students, 1 lawyer, and yourself? As such, I had the honor of being nominated the "wise son." Also, there was much groaning at "If He had given us the Law... it would have been sufficient."

Seder Plate

The 10 Plagues

Star of David from Great Aunt Jean.
Blackberry Manischevitz was a hit. Rebecca - no more matzoh balls after the afikomen!

Sunday, April 05, 2009


After school let out on Friday I suffered through a late shift at the store and another all-day Saturday class. Finally, freedom for a full 7 days!! I intend to live my first paid vacation in forever to the fullest.

Starting now. Here I go. Watch me.

It's 3 am. I click over to the Huffington Post as research for a particularly ranty goodreads review. The gigantic front page story is "NORTH KOREA LAUNCHES ROCKET" with follow up story "Obama to call for elimination of all nuclear weapons." I scoff at the fact that meanwhile the 3 most popular stories are about Michelle Obama's fashion, Michelle Obama touched the queen!, and somebody on Tyra Banks' talk show. Which article do I immediately click on? That's right. This one. I have no shame.

Now accepting proposals.

Seriously, my goals for the next week are:

Buy a bike.
Complete all the homework for my stupid Saturday class. (2 personal stories, 2 reading responses, 1 5-7 page research paper. Yeah.)
Make deviled eggs for first monday mixed book singing potluck.
Make marmalade. (I managed to make a mess of the first batch.)
Co-host a seder with la otra Rebecca!
Make a dentist apt.
Make an apt to officially file for my adult ed credential.
Read 2 books.
Send birthday packages.
Send overdue letters, make overdue phone calls.
Do some planning for the Golden Gate singing / delegate said planning.
Catch up on posting recipes and pictures.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Thoughts to leave you with on a Friday afternoon

1. I went to see Leonard Cohen on Wednesday. It was kind of completely awesome.

2. I just re-found one of my brother's and my favorite cartoons from our childhood. I'm 96.5% sure both of us could still sing the entire soundtrack if pressed to do so.

3. I went to Goodwill last night and pretty much doubled our entire collection of dinnerware. Because while a bring-your-own-soup-bowl-and-wineglass seder does have its dubious charms, I think I would have to turn in my Jewish Hostess certificate if I didn't have six times as much of everything as I needed.

4. I just got my first article approved for publication on! (Which I realize probably means absolutely nothing to you if you're not a giant reproductive health nerd. Oh well.)

5. Our indentured serfdom on Bill & Quincy's community garden plot (extra labor in exchange for part of their land... King Henry II would be so proud) is progressing nicely, in spite of our lengthy periods of neglect and the fact that I have never not killed a plant I owned, ever. Our tomatoes have made it three weeks without turning yellow or falling over, and our basil, sage, peppers, and strawberries are still going strong after, um, two days in the ground. (Well, I haven't visited them yet this afternoon. We should probably just call it one day.) We have no idea what one does with plants after sticking them in the dirt... we're banking on B&Q to catch us before we do anything really stupid. If they don't - well, may god help us all.

I'll close with this most excellent picture from Jeff & Jessica of our margarita wind-down after convention last Sunday. Happy weekend!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Dear Mr Beck

I've never felt the need to point out what a moron you are. In fact, I've been more than content to ignore your existence entirely. BUT WHY MUST YOU COOPT MY BIRTHDAY?? September 11th just not cutting it anymore? Time to milk the rest of the year, one day at a time??

(I'm honestly afraid to click on anything, especially the creepy... liberty snake? Seriously, what the hell is the symbolism there?)