Monday, April 20, 2009


Green belt promotion last week. Thanks to Graham for playing paparazzi. Nothing makes you feel more like a rockstar than wearing white pajamas and having someone take pictures of you all evening. (If I was really a rockstar I would have been tearing off my sweaty clothes and hurling them at girls in the audience, but I'm not sure you're actually allowed to get promoted to your next belt if you do that. Better safe than sorry.)


  1. I find it suspicious that KT's new belt is exactly the same color as Bowser. Coincidence? I'm afraid she's joined the Princess Toadstool Kidnap Squad. You be the judge.


  2. Actually it's because when I was a baby Bowser tried to kill me but his Killing Curse backfired, leaving a little part of his soul lodged in my body.

    I think we all know what I spent the weekend re-reading...