Tuesday, April 21, 2009

so. cranky. so sure this title has already been used.

Hi world! The past two days have hit 90 which no one here is equipped to deal with. (I mean, people don't even own FANS.) The entire populace is cranky and sedated by hayfever. Yours truly is also a little sleep deprived, bummed at being particularly incompetent at getting together with visiting M and R and m (and generally incompetent at keeping in touch with loved ones), and mostly overwhelmed by the percentage of my time that is accounted for between now and Monday - working both jobs tomorrow and then full on convention mode through Sunday. (This involves the second convention-planning dinner meeting of the week on Thursday, the big singing school on Saturday, and of course the Golden Gate Singing on Sunday. And I should put in an appearance at least ONE of the 3 socials on Fri/Sat/Sun night. And probably Tim's concert on Sunday. AND cook for 90% of those events.) Actually I'm really excited for everything on my plate, and I even like work these days, but WHEN CAN I CRAWL INTO MY CAVE FOR THE WINTER! Yikes!

OK, sleep now, non-cranky content later. I actually have pictures and anecdotes from the last couple of weeks that, while procrastinating all of the above, I should have plenty of time to post before turning to singing news.

Things that make Rebecca less cranky: Inder/Steve/dogs listening to me whine, cold showers, lots of compliments on my new target shoes, and fresh shelled peas. The fact that while writing this post, I only got ONE convention-related email, the entire text of which reads "Gracias!"


  1. Those shoes really are adorable. As is the skirt. As are the scarves. My little shopper!

  2. And the dogs are good listeners, aren't they? I think so, too.

  3. Thanks, my shopping-enabling friend! I swear I wasn't fishing for compliments. But it does validate my completely unnecessary trek to Vallejo.