Sunday, April 05, 2009


After school let out on Friday I suffered through a late shift at the store and another all-day Saturday class. Finally, freedom for a full 7 days!! I intend to live my first paid vacation in forever to the fullest.

Starting now. Here I go. Watch me.

It's 3 am. I click over to the Huffington Post as research for a particularly ranty goodreads review. The gigantic front page story is "NORTH KOREA LAUNCHES ROCKET" with follow up story "Obama to call for elimination of all nuclear weapons." I scoff at the fact that meanwhile the 3 most popular stories are about Michelle Obama's fashion, Michelle Obama touched the queen!, and somebody on Tyra Banks' talk show. Which article do I immediately click on? That's right. This one. I have no shame.

Now accepting proposals.

Seriously, my goals for the next week are:

Buy a bike.
Complete all the homework for my stupid Saturday class. (2 personal stories, 2 reading responses, 1 5-7 page research paper. Yeah.)
Make deviled eggs for first monday mixed book singing potluck.
Make marmalade. (I managed to make a mess of the first batch.)
Co-host a seder with la otra Rebecca!
Make a dentist apt.
Make an apt to officially file for my adult ed credential.
Read 2 books.
Send birthday packages.
Send overdue letters, make overdue phone calls.
Do some planning for the Golden Gate singing / delegate said planning.
Catch up on posting recipes and pictures.


  1. Blogging for romance? An idea worth considering. Where should I start?

  2. Um, I may or may not have spent at least 15 minutes yesterday reading articles on about Michelle Obama in Europe (possibly including a photo gallery of fashion shots) and Bristol Palin's ex-boyfriend on Tyra...

    It's like you're looking into my soul.

  3. visiting the big Ns apartment should be on this list! *or* after you buy a bike i will go to oakland and pick up the bike *i* bought and we go for a ride around the lake?

  4. oh my god i loved that story about the blogger love!