Friday, April 03, 2009

Thoughts to leave you with on a Friday afternoon

1. I went to see Leonard Cohen on Wednesday. It was kind of completely awesome.

2. I just re-found one of my brother's and my favorite cartoons from our childhood. I'm 96.5% sure both of us could still sing the entire soundtrack if pressed to do so.

3. I went to Goodwill last night and pretty much doubled our entire collection of dinnerware. Because while a bring-your-own-soup-bowl-and-wineglass seder does have its dubious charms, I think I would have to turn in my Jewish Hostess certificate if I didn't have six times as much of everything as I needed.

4. I just got my first article approved for publication on! (Which I realize probably means absolutely nothing to you if you're not a giant reproductive health nerd. Oh well.)

5. Our indentured serfdom on Bill & Quincy's community garden plot (extra labor in exchange for part of their land... King Henry II would be so proud) is progressing nicely, in spite of our lengthy periods of neglect and the fact that I have never not killed a plant I owned, ever. Our tomatoes have made it three weeks without turning yellow or falling over, and our basil, sage, peppers, and strawberries are still going strong after, um, two days in the ground. (Well, I haven't visited them yet this afternoon. We should probably just call it one day.) We have no idea what one does with plants after sticking them in the dirt... we're banking on B&Q to catch us before we do anything really stupid. If they don't - well, may god help us all.

I'll close with this most excellent picture from Jeff & Jessica of our margarita wind-down after convention last Sunday. Happy weekend!


  1. SOMEONE looks particularly happy to have taken off his jacket. Personally, I'm shocked that it ever gets cool enough to wear suit jackets in Texas.

    I want to read your article! You up and coming professional you!

  2. Thanks for the cartoon link! I especially liked Miss Jello!

    Someday I want to come out to McMahon...

  3. I can never watch that cartoon without getting hungry...

    You should come to McMahan!

  4. Congrats on the article! One day I want to introduce you to my sister, who just got back from Nigeria, and works in reproductive health.

    Hooray for community (indentured servitude) gardening! Again, my Cambridge Utopian inner child rejoices.


  5. Speaking of rejoicing, um, ohmygod that Erin giggle video is ADORABLE.